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We understand your worry and confusion, being that choosing the right online Bachelor’s in Military History program among so many offered is not an easy task at all.

You should know that all programs are designed so as to allow students to see historical war data, how it impacts the present and will shape the future.

If you choose to enroll in the online course format, you will be dealing with American history with a focus on World War I and World War.

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Military History

Southern New Hampshire University has to offer the online Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in Military History degree program.

This program at Southern New Hampshire University is open to students who have a desire to improve their knowledge in military science and warfare history.

The curriculum is designed so that students can learn more about how wars have influenced the civilizations of the present generation.

If they choose the Military History concentration, they will also learn how cultures have come to be.

SNHU’s online Bachelor’s in History degree is divided into 5 main topics, meaning that the courses include in-depth discussions on Civil War and the reconstruction period, the industrial era of World War I, military advances during World War II, the Cold War, and the impact of modern war to non-Western societies.

So as to get a degree, a total of 120 credits is required.

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American Military University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Military History

American Military University is located in Charlestown, West Virginia and it boasts an online Bachelor of Arts in Military History degree program.

Actually, its online coursework is designed so as to expand students’ understanding and knowledge in military history and what makes it unique is the fact that this program lets its students concentrate on armed conflicts.

Throughout their studies, students will learn how these armed conflicts impacted civilizations that have evolved throughout history.

Graduates of this program develop various skills including critical thinking, critical analysis, extensive research, and effective writing, making them successful as future professional curators, archivists, and history professors.

Students may earn a degree in Military History online in 4 years and a total of 120 credit hours is required.

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Park University

Online Bachelor of Science in Military History

Park University features the online Bachelor of Science in Military History.

The Park University is located in Parkville, Missouri and it is an ideal educational institution for students interested in the field of Military History.

What they will get is the chance to explore the past and the present in the context of world history.

For working adults, the online Military History degree program of Park University is considered ideal.

It includes courses like World War, the U.S. military, terrorism, American foreign policy, and a lot more which are taught by the university’s competent faculty members.

Students who successfully reach the senior year of the online degree program are required to complete the capstone project that will be 8 weeks long.

Once you graduate, great career opportunities await you such as a History professor, archivist, author, military analyst, and military history unit member.

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Granite State College

Online Bachelor of Arts in History

If Granite State College is the one that interests you, you are in the right place.

The College has to offer an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree program suitable for aspiring historians, archivists, and Foreign Service officers, as well as all the others interested in an online curriculum that encompasses a broad range of topics under U.S. history.

The classes will be focused on civilizations, US history from 1865 up to present, the industrial revolution, and World War II.

The outcomes of the online course format include analyses of the historical development from pre-history to present, understanding U.S history from the perspectives of different cultures, and utilizing appropriate research methods to obtain accurate historical data.

Furthermore, students are also taught the constitutional laws included in the American Government and Politics course and they are required to earn a minimum of 120 credits to complete their education.

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King University

Online Bachelor of Science in History

King University offers an accredited online Bachelor of Science in History degree program.

That is an online course that allows students to learn about both Western and non-Western history.

If you enroll in the Bachelor of Science in History degree program at King University online you will be taught specific events in U.S. history and you will be able to understand topics like the Holocaust, the Reformation, medieval Europe, and African colonialism.

Once you become a graduate from King University, a variety of careers will await for you.

Some of the careers that History degree holders look for are in the field of church ministry, historic preservation, laws, museum curacy, and more.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in History degree at Kind University online, you are supposed to complete the 124 semester hour requirement and you will need to pay the cost per semester hour which is at $305.

The estimated program length is 16 months.

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Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in History

Arizona State University is one more educational institution that features the online Bachelor of Arts in History program.

At Arizona State University numerous students have been educated on American history from its establishment and students get the chance to explore the specific periods leading to the development of society with an emphasis on political, economic, social, and cultural dynamics.

The online course format at ASU Online requires that students take a total of 120 credit hours to earn a Bachelor of Arts in History, while at the same time, they are exposed to technology and digital media to come up with a qualitative and more meaningful analysis.

Once they graduate, students are expected to develop their critical thinking, analysis and conflict resolution skills which they will use in their future careers.

The university boasts a unique approach to learning history and creates competent individuals in the field of American history, justice studies, public administration, and law.

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Oregon State University

Online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History

Oregon State University’s online program requires 180 credits at $297 cost per credit to get a degree.

It offers a research-focused online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History program during which students will be taught about the impact that history has made to the present.

The main focus of their online curriculum is to help students understand the effects of the many historical events in the past which are relevant in deeply understanding the global issues of today.

The subjects taught throughout these studies are based on Race, Diaspora, and Politics in the Atlantic World, Armed Conflict, Genocide, & Society, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern History, and many others.

At Oregon State University, the online Bachelor’s in History program will develop the skills and the competencies such as critical thinking, effective writing, communication, research, and documentation skills that students will find extremely useful once they start doing their jobs.

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University of Memphis

Bachelor of Arts in History Online

The University of Memphis offers a Bachelor of Arts in History online program.

This online degree program focuses on African-American, Egyptology, Women, Gender, and Family, and Global History and has a list of learning objectives for its students.

The introductory course allows students to take advantage of learning historical figures and major transitions and upon completion of the online Bachelor of Arts in History degree program, students will be capable of comprehending and analyzing the many major events that shaped U.S. history.

What students will also learn are the methodologies to interpret historical events, meaning that they will not simply build a strong foundational knowledge on historical background, but will learn how to independently conduct historical research, interpret, analyze, present, and defend their findings.

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Columbia College

Online Bachelor of Arts in History

At Columbia College, the Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History program.

The online course format is designed for individuals who wish to further their understanding of history and who can even choose some electives under the online degree program that include an emphasis on Global History and the United States History.

At the end of the online course program, students must meet the 120-semester hour requirement.

This program’s courses will develop skills that will enable a graduate to find a perfect career among a broad range of opportunities.

Graduates from the online Bachelor’s degree in History program can look for jobs in the fields of public relations, genealogy, historical societies, and social work, among others.

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Drury University

Online Bachelor’s in History

Drury University features the online Bachelors in History program.

The Department of History at DU offers a History program that is comprised of two tracks – History majors and History and Secondary Education majors.

At DU, so as to be able to earn a Bachelor’s degree in History online, students are required to complete introductory courses in survey and research.

The online courses offered by the university revolve around American, European, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern history.

Once the studies are finished, students will be prepared for real-world situations and they will be equipped with analytical thinking and writing skills necessary for this career.

Students will also learn how to practically apply the skills learned throughout the online course program.

So as to earn an online Bachelor’s degree, they are required to complete 124 credit hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What courses will I attend if I enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Military History degree program?

The majority of universities offer the same courses in an Online Bachelors in Military degree program.

Those include major historical events particularly World War I and World War II, as well as some other courses like warfare evolution, military leadership, and the Cold War.

Q. What kind of skills and competencies will I be taught as an online Bachelor’s in Military History student?

As a student of an online Bachelor’s in Military, you may develop practical skills, critical thinking, communication, and research.

Q. What kind of jobs are there for those with an online Bachelor’s in Military History?

Online Bachelor’s in Military degree holder’s possible jobs are a military officer, curator, archivist, history professor, curator, and intelligence analyst.

The majority of them work for the government, the military, in archives, libraries, museums, historical sites, and the academe.

Once you become a bachelor’s degree holder, you may also pursue graduate programs and that way you will gain advanced academic expertise in law, history, and education.

Final Thoughts

The online coursework in Military History is ideal, considering the fact that its primary focus is to teach students the very main causes of war and its direct effects and implications.

Once you become a Military History undergraduate degree holder, you will be able to do the work that involves research, analysis, interpretation, and writing of historical documents.

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