20 Best Online Schools Bachelor’s in History

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In case you are searching for an online Bachelor’s in a History degree program, you are in the right place.

We are offering you a list of 20 best educational institution in this field which deliver an education that allows students to examine historical data and utilize them in addressing certain requirements in today’s public, business, and organizational settings while at the same time can organize his/her schedule according to his/her private obligations.

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Arts in History Online Degree Program 

The University of Central Florida features an online Bachelor of Arts in History program.

The curriculum is designed so as to prepare students to find a promising career in international affairs, public policy, law, and more.

Besides developing students’ analytical skills and critical-thinking skills, the program triggers the students’ appreciation for the historical and cultural events that impact the world.

Coursework allows the students to organize their studies according to their interests in emphasizing a specific geographic region namely Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America & North America, and the Middle East.

So as to graduate, students need to earn 120 credit hours.

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University of Maryland-University College

B.A. in History Programs Online Degree 

The University of Maryland-University College is located in Adelphi, Maryland and has an online Bachelor of Arts in History.

Students who graduate will get a solid foundation of critical thinking skills needed to pursue graduate studies or build a rewarding career.

Some of the topics are related to geographic areas and historical eras and throughout the coursework, students will conduct research and writing assignments suitable for presentation and publication.

This is a 120-credit hour program and students learn how to apply historical patterns to contemporary life.

Core history coursework includes Historical Methods, World History I and II, Historical Writing, History of the United States to 1865, and Senior Thesis in History.

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University of Memphis

Online Bachelor of Arts in History Online

The University of Memphis is established in Memphis, Tennessee, and it boasts an online Bachelor of Arts in History.

Some of the subjects that the curriculum is focused on are Women, Gender and History, U.S. History, Medieval Europe, and Western Civilization to name a few.

What students will learn at this university is how to analyze primary historical sources, conduct research work and present a clear and well-written historical discovery.

Obligatory coursework includes World Civilization I and II, Ancient World, Traditional East Asia, Medieval/Renaissance Europe, and Modern Europe.

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Nicholls State University

Bachelor of Arts in History Online (B.A.) 

Nicholls State University is proud to offer the online Bachelor of Arts in History which is designed for students interested in studying Asia, Europe, and modern America.

The education is provided by experienced and highly knowledgeable faculty staff through a range of courses.

They are provided with the necessary ability to develop their critical-thinking skills, write research works and identify significant issues influencing the modern world.

This is 120-credit hour online program which is divided into four main requirements and those are University Requirement (UR), Oral Communication Requirement (OCR), General Education Requirement (GER), and Computer Literacy Requirement (CLR).

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Oregon State University

Online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History 

Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon has an online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History that is led by OSU’s College of Liberal Arts.

This college is on the top of the list of online liberal arts colleges, and this is thanks to its researched-focused online program designed to prepare students for successful careers.

The students at this university will be equipped with essential skills such as writing, documentation, argumentation, and critical-thinking skills necessary for a promising career.

Unlike other similar programs at other educational institutions, this is 180-credit hour program which has six (6) themes and those are Science & Society, Gender & Sexuality, The American West & Environmental History, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern History, Armed Conflict, Genocide & Society, and Race, Diaspora & Politics in the Atlantic World.

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Mount Mary University

Bachelor of Arts in History Degree Program Online-B.A. 

Mount Mary University is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where students can attend regular on-campus and an online Bachelor of Arts in History program.

The students will learn how to explore not only men but also women and underrepresented historical accounts.

Some of the skills they will get after graduation are how to think critically, communicate effectively, analyze problems, and interpret a series of events.

What students find great is that Mount Mary provides them with the opportunity to travel to a United Nations conference through the Model United Nations course every other year.

All history students are required to complete an internship program or a cooperative study project and earn 128 credits to get this degree.

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University of North Dakota

Online Degree-B.A. in History 

The University of North Dakota features an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

What the students will get there is the knowledge related to how to explore different discoveries, answering big questions, conduct investigative research, and explain the past.

Furthermore, this is an online history program that has a variety of topics covered in their course works such as World History, North America, Europe, and Asian studies.

The graduates will be able to look for careers in public or digital history, government services, business and teaching, and law but only once they earn 126-credit hours.

Core history courses such as Western Civilization I and II, World Civilization I and II, European History, North American History, and The Historian’s Craft have to be taken and a research capstone is required to earn this degree.

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King University

Bachelor of Science in History Degree Program Online

King University, which is located in Bristol, Tennessee boasts its an online Bachelor of Science in History program that was created for those students who are interested in learning Western history, historical research, and non-Western history, but look for a more flexible way of reaching that educational goal.

Just like the on-campus program, this one is based on several areas of study including the Reformation, the Holocaust, Colonialism in Africa, and medieval Europe.

Core requirements include An American Nation: Beginnings to 1877, Professional Historian: Methods and Historiography, Cultures in Contact: The Middle Ages and The Atlantic World, Europe, and the Great Wars, and The Civil War to name a few.

So as to get a degree, students are required to obtain a total of 124 credit hours and once they finish this program, they will be equipped with knowledge that will enable them to pursue careers and vocations in law, church ministries, educational institution, historic preservation, and museum curacy.

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Liberty University

Online Degree Program-Bachelor of Science in History

Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and besides its on-campus program, it boasts an online Bachelor of Science in History degree.

What students will develop throughout the studies here is an in-depth investigation of historical events of the human society and past events, which is designed so as to equip students to discover motivations of figures and peoples, and employ these facts to improve the future.

Students will learn a variety of core skills and will be equipped with analytical, critical thinking, research skills, an extensive understanding of historical events, figures, and places.

Core history courses include Geography, History of Western Civilization, Survey of American History, and Historical Methodology and students are required to earn a total of 120 credit hours so as to get the degree.

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Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Arts in History Online-B.A. Program

Southern New Hampshire University is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and boasts an online Bachelor of Arts in History program.

Actually, this is a program made for distance learners who want to get liberal arts education with an emphasis on the linkages between modern societies, and ancient civilizations, but are not able to attend regular classes.

What students will learn are critical-thinking and analytical skills which will help them improve their communication skills.

This is an online history degree program which has four concentrations – Military History, Middle Eastern History, European History, and American History.

Those people who graduate from SNHU’s BA in History can look for a rewarding career in law, history, education, and other fields where research, analysis, and communication skills are highly appreciated.

This is a 120-credit online program that consists of mandatory core courses such as United States History I and II, World Civilizations: Prehistory-1500, World Civilizations: 1500-Present, and History Research Seminar.

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University of Illinois Springfield

Bachelor of Arts Online in History

The University of Illinois Springfield has to offer an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

This program and its training provide students with communication skills, analytical skills, and research capabilities, while at the same time preparing them for a variety of career pathways.

Graduates can search for a career in administration, business, history, journalism, government, politics, and writing.

The curriculum consists of unique mandatory courses such as Game of Thrones, Women in the Middle East, The Historical Jesus, Gods and Heroes of Early Europe, Animals in Antiquity, and History of Russia: Peter I to Putin.

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Westfield State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in History Degree Program 

Westfield State University is another educational institution that offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree for both new and transfer students from any college or university.

Its History program is designed so that students attend a wide range of classes in Africa and Asia, World History in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East while getting a complete understanding of the past.

Graduates will be developing the analytical skills that enable them to deal with a different range of problems.

Core required courses include U.S. History to 1865, U.S. History since 1865, Western Experience I and II, and Introduction to Historical Research and Analysis.

Furthermore, there are electives offered in three categories – European & World History, Latin American History, and the United States History.

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University of Nebraska Kearney

Online Bachelor of Arts in History

The University of Nebraska Kearney is one of many schools that offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

Actually, this educational institution provides students with outstanding knowledge of events, ideas, peoples, and values from a historical point of view and after they finish studies, they will be able to comprehend both past and modern societies.

What they will get there are the skills of critical thinking, writing and reading so that they can start their successful careers in the fields such as the business world, public history, education, or law.

Core history requirements include American History I and II, Introduction to Latin America, Western Civilization I and II, and Non-Western World History, while there are some electives divided into three major categories – U.S. History, European History, and Non-Western History.

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Granite State College

Bachelor of Arts in History-B.A. Online

Granite State College, located in Concord, New Hampshire, is an outstanding educational institution that offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

The curriculum is designed so that it helps students discover trends and patterns from the pre-history to the present circumstances, to do some research related to specific periods of historical events, explore world history and be able to link it with current happenings.

This is a 120-credit hour program that consists of mandatory core courses – Great Civilizations, Historical Methods, European History: 19th and 20th Centuries or History of World War II, History of New England or Vietnam War: A Historical Perspective, and Expository Writing to mention just a few.

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University of Louisiana Monroe

Bachelor of Arts in History Online Program 

The University of Louisiana Monroe is located in Monroe, Louisiana, and features an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree which is designed so as to provide essential arts and sciences education integrated with U.S. and Non-U.S. related studies.

This online History major program is ideal for students who are looking for flexibility in the process of their education while at the same time want to be prepared for a career in a variety of fields such as counseling, education, foreign affairs, journalism, law, publishing, public relations, and the state or federal civil services.

Students will learn skills in historical research and analysis, and develop in-depth learning of past events.

They are required to earn 120 credit hours to achieve this degree.

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University of Idaho

Bachelor of Arts in History

Moscow, Idaho is home to the University of Idaho.

This educational institution provides two online degrees in History and those are Bachelor of Arts in History and Bachelor of Science in History.

Both of them have curriculums based on a rich historical perspective and strong research fundamentals, analytical skills, writing skills, and critical-thinking skills.

This 121-credit hour online program will help prepare students for successful careers as historians, curators, regulatory affairs managers, archivists, or history teachers.

The BA degree requires a 20-credit language minor, while both degrees require a capstone seminar or a research project for graduation.

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University of Arizona

Bachelor of Arts in History Online B.A. Degree

The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona and besides offering a regular on-campus program, it also offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

The program teaches students to study past events and historical events as remembered and recorded, as well as to write well-documented research work.

Throughout the studies, students will improve their analytical skills and logical skills.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to choose from a different set of courses that explore the history of Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States.

By the end of their studies, students need to conduct research work or complete a capstone project in their chosen geographic area.

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Thomas Edison State University

B.A. Online Degree in History 

Thomas Edison State University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in History degree.

This program is made so that it prepares adults for a career shift, graduate education as students are exposed to the discipline of data gathering and weighing pieces of evidence and they are trained to be able to evaluate great events and significant personalities in the history of mankind.

What students will learn during the program is how to apply methodologies, and conceptual theories within the fields of history.

This is a 120-credit hour online History program that includes core required courses such as Western Civilization I and II, American History I and II, Non-Western History, and World History I and II to name a few.

Last, but not least, a Liberal Arts Capstone is mandatory for graduation.

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Excelsior College

Bachelor of Science in History Online Programs-Online Degree 

Excelsior College is located in Albany, New York, and among its numerous programs, it has to offer an online Bachelor of Science in History degree.

Throughout this program, students will be thought to understand how and why events in the past happened and will be able to interpret discoveries and pieces of evidence about those significant events.

Excelsior’s BA in History degree holders will improve critical-thinking capabilities, and written analysis and will learn how to evaluate, process, and relocate pieces of information from the past.

Mandatory core History courses are United States History I and II, World History I and II, European Renaissance, Revolutionary America, and Global Popular Culture Since 1945.

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Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in History Online Degree B.S. Programs

Arizona State University features an online Bachelor of Arts in History program which is created so as to give students an understanding of the history of human society as well as the economic, cultural, political, and social aspects that influence the modern world.

This online History program will teach students how to analyze objects that were left behind by ancient people such as bones, constitutions, diaries, land deeds, and guns.

The graduates will know how to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis and present their discoveries.

Obligatory courses include United States History, Methods of Historical Inquiry, Studies in Asian History, and History in the Wild and a total of 120 credit hours is required to earn this degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of people are considered suitable for the enrollment in an online Bachelor’s in History degree program?

Not everyone is suitable to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree in History and this is the science that demands time and effort in conducting research work.

So as to be considered appropriate, an applicant has to possess skills in analyzing and debating, considering and composing facts and theories, and deal with some of the most controversial topics ever dealt with mankind.

This degree program is considered perfect for people who have a deep passion for historical events and past events that have a strong influence on today’s society.

Also, people who love to improve their critical-thinking abilities through in-depth analysis of data gathering or evidence and interpret and write documentation are also highly encouraged to enroll in this program.

To conclude, an online bachelor’s degree in History is for people who are genuinely curious about past events.

Q. What kind of jobs can graduates of Bachelor’s in History look for?

Once you graduate from an online bachelor’s degree in History program, you will be ready to starts a successful career in a variety of fields.

You might look for jobs in business, education, and government.

Furthermore, some people find their career as a museum technician, being that they have studied and have been trained to answer profound questions asked by museum visitors.

Also, they are able to provide assistance to curators to prepare museum collections.

Those professionals with additional education and training can look for jobs in corporate communications, information management, and historic preservation fields.

Others can become writers, editors, and authors of history books and other publications, archivists, curators, journalists, lobbyists, researchers, educators, and political campaign workers.

Q. How much money do Bachelor’s in History degree holders earn?

An online history degree prepares students for a variety of careers and how much they will learn depends on the places where they find jobs.

Employment opportunities in the fields of business, education, politics, international relations, and law are numerous and the amount of work performed can also affect their salaries.

Common careers for graduates with an online degree in History include Historians that earn a median annual salary of $59,120.

Professors have an average yearly salary of $59,170, while museum curators have $47,360.

Final Thoughts

The online Bachelor’s in History degree programs offer its students a chance to achieve valuable skills, including in-depth analysis, research, and writing.

And once you get a degree in an online Bachelor’s in History program, you will be able to choose from various and numerous future career options.

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