20 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Management

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If you’d like to pursue an advanced career, then it is always a smart choice to complete a Bachelor’s degree program.

This will be your starting point towards seeking abundant educational and career opportunities.

When it comes to studying Healthcare Administration Management, it is a great option that focuses on multiple important factors in the healthcare industry which are in relation to administration and health information.

Moreover, you will be able to pursue specialization which can increase your salary range further down the line.

This is a great career option for everyone who enjoys a dynamic workplace and dealing with people on a daily basis.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 online schools for a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Management.

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration Online is a great choice if you are a distance learner and seeking for high-quality online courses.

The University of Central Florida might be just what you need.

Variety of online courses that this University offers can lead you to become a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration.

During the studies, students are being prepared for upcoming challenges and learning how to manage the problems that the Healthcare Industry is facing.

To earn a degree, graduates are required to have completed 120 credits plus the additional practical experience.

In this online program, you will learn about management, health law, and ethics, community health, and epidemiology.

UCF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and this university is also one of the largest in the country.

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East Carolina University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management East Carolina University (ECU) is one of the largest and most renowned universities in North Carolina.

With an excellent online platform and over 84 bachelor degrees, the programs-this university gives distance learners more than they could ask for.

For students interested in Healthcare, ECU offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management.

What this degree has to offer to students are some of the most important subjects for the industry such as quality management in healthcare, health data management, financial analysis of healthcare payment systems, and health data management.

It also provides students with internship programs on their online platform.

That way, graduates are skilled completely for health management positions.

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University of Memphis - UM Online

UM ONLINE Bachelor of Science Online in Health Studies Situated in Memphis, Tennessee, the University of Memphis offers everyone an excellent studying experience.

With a wide range of online programs, the University comes around as the perfect option for all distance students.

One of the featured degrees, Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, has put Healthcare Leadership in the spotlight.

The courses which this program includes mostly focus on proficiency in foundational courses such as human healthcare resources, health policy issues, critical thinking, legal and ethical aspects of health care, and professional healthcare writing and financial administration.

Besides management, leadership, and administration, students are taught about general health and laboratory subjects.

To complete the studies, each student is required to get 120 credit hours, and healthcare leadership takes up more than a third of the course hours.

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Indiana Wesleyan University

The city of Marion is home to Indiana Wesleyan University.

This Christian and Evangelical based teaching provides exceptional courses and degrees focusing on Healthcare.

Among the other online programs, the University offers, one, in particular, is perfect for anyone interested in Healthcare, and that is Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.

A range of subjects, such as healthcare marketing, healthcare principles, and policies, economic analysis for healthcare administration, prepares students for health care managing positions.

In order to receive a baccalaureate degree, graduates must complete 120 credit hours and have a cumulative 2.0 GPA, which makes the rules a bit stricter.

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George Washington University

George Washington University offers exceptional schooling for anyone who is interested in healthcare.

If you are someone who is looking for distance learning, then you should check out courses that this University offers.

The platform, called GW online, shows various e-courses, including Bachelor of Science in Health Services (BSHS) in Clinical Management and Leadership.

Some of the courses that students can take are closely related to leadership and group dynamics.

Major subjects are financial management, informatics in health sciences, and data analyses to aid strategic development.

All of these coursework leads to 60 credits to complete the BSHS program, after which students can aim for their Master of Science (MSHS) program for Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management.

That way, graduates are fully equipped for healthcare managing positions.

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Keiser University

If you are seeking education in the field of healthcare management and administration, then Keiser University may be just right for you.

One of the most appealing features is that you can study online. All of the lectures are online and you can graduate without being physically present.

Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration degree grants you the foundation for working in the healthcare industry.

You are required to complete 120 credit hours to graduate and earn the degree.

The curriculum is planned to grant students a proper understanding of healthcare finance, public policy in healthcare, ethics in healthcare, and healthcare setting analysis

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Liberty University

The program which Liberty University online offers regarding the Healthcare industry is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management.

This Christian-centered University has an extensive online program for all the students.

It is composed of courses that make up to 120 credit hours, needed to complete the studies.

The program is focusing on religious values and foster care and it involves four main courses that cover: healthcare administration, healthcare informatics, human resource management, and legal issues that affect human resources.

Students are taught management, ethics and overall practices needed for the future profession as a healthcare manager.

After completing the eight-week-long courses, students earn the BBA in Healthcare Management.

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Colorado State University - Global Campus

Colorado State University-Global Campus is calling all future students to take a look at what they have to offer.

Programs they have online are truly unique.

One of them is a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management.

This program includes courses such as marketing, management, health law and ethics, quality and risk management in healthcare, healthcare information systems, and effective decision making.

The curriculum is focused on students’ careers and offers a specifically designed program.

What is so unique about it is the fact that each student can choose a specialization through subjects that can bring them 15 credits.

Some of the subjects available are criminal forensics, information technology operations, or data management and analysis.

Undergraduates have dual education which provides them with maximum theoretical knowledge and practice.

Upon graduating, there is a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management for which they can also qualify.

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Drexel University

Located in Philadelphia metropolitan area lies Drexel University.

This private University gives everyone a chance to study, either on-campus or online.

Among the online available courses is a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration.

Even though the course is fully online, students are also given the option to complete some of the work in-person.

Some of the subjects that students will be required to pass include healthcare policy, healthcare law, and introduction to health systems administration, human healthcare resources, and financial management in healthcare among others.

That way, graduates will be 100% capable of organizing and administrating.

To earn a bachelor’s degree, one must complete 180 to 184 quarter credits.

The courses can be spread in quarters, which allows the students to complete it in a short amount of time.

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The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Anyone passionate about the healthcare system and administration should check out The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences University!

The college offers a program for the Bachelor of Sciences in Healthcare Administration, and what’s so great about it is that it can be studied online.

The curriculum is put together in such a manner to allow anyone who enrolls to be able to graduate without ever visiting campus.

Most of the subjects are focused on healthcare.

Some of the specialized subjects are healthcare administration, health care marketing, data analysis, legal issues in health care, human resources in health care, and leading change in health care.

Besides passing these subjects, students are also required to complete an internship and a capstone project.

Students can graduate only after fulfilling all of the requirements.

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Regis University

If you are looking for an education that is looking upon the Catholic values, then you should check out the Regis University.

Students who decide to study here have an opportunity to finish the studies online.

One of the online programs this University offers its Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Online (B.S.).

All students must complete 120-credit hours to graduate.

Subjects that they may expect during their studies include healthcare policy, finance, project management, healthcare information systems, and the legal and ethical considerations in healthcare.

It usually takes up about two and a half years for students to graduate.

Besides credit hours, students are also required to have completed internships and capstone projects.

Even though the requirements may appear strict, they are making sure that students are fully trained upon graduation.

If you decide to study to be a healthcare administrator here, then you can start either in January, May or August, since the University has three start dates.

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Tuoro University Worldwide

Tuoro University is one of the most practical and beneficial schooling systems for e-studies.

If you are interested in this College and University, distance is not a problem at all, since the system operates worldwide.

Students can access online programs through the Touro University World (TUW).

One of the programs they offer is a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.

Online courses can be completed in eight weeks, however, students who study full time need around 3 and a half years to graduate.

Graduates must get 120-credit hours, while nearly half (51 credits, to be precise) is related to theory and management in the healthcare industry.

Upon graduation, a student will have gained knowledge in the field of healthcare and will have a strong foundation on which they can build their careers.

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Davenport University

Davenport University might be an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a studying program in the field of healthcare and a university suitable for online studies.

Situated in Michigan, this University happens to have one of the most modern healthcare studying programs – Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.

The curriculum consists of courses that involve both the general knowledge and foundation for administrative positions in the healthcare field.

You are given the advantage to choose the specialization from courses such as Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Risk Management, and Leadership and Sustainability.

Classes that this program offers are shaped to cover marketing management, planning, healthcare system, healthcare law, and ethics.

To complete the studies, students must earn 120-credit hours and they usually need 4 years to finish.

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The University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is the first city-owned public university in the United States and home to a first-class online academic institution.

Within their online programs, students can find the Bachelor of Science Organizational Leadership and Learning with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership, which is a part of the department called the College of Education and Human Development.

To graduate, every student is required to complete 120 credit hours.

The time needed for getting the degree varies and each student can choose their own pace.

The options are “flex pace”, where they decide to finish it in 32 months, or “set pace”, which is a more graduation-oriented program.

Either way, a student is the one making the choice, but whatever they choose, everyone gets equal education which includes general and core classes.

Some of the classes students may come across are healthcare presentations and group facilitation, coaching and talent management in healthcare, conflict management in healthcare organizations, and healthcare workplace and information ethics.

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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is an educational establishment that is influenced by Christian values and discipline.

This University is modernizing its conditions and developing as years go by, and it has lead to its newest feature which is online studying.

One of the programs you might be able to come across online is the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration.

The main focus of these studies is the administration, statistics, informatics, and regulations affecting the healthcare system and industry.

Courses that bring most credits are major classes, however, they also have general education and elective courses to complete the studies.

Students are required to have 120 credit hours to earn the degree.

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Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is the institution in which all students are granted the complete training and experience needed for their professional lives.

This university has a wide scope of courses and programs available online.

Students that are interested in healthcare can choose one of their two healthcare administration-related programs: BS in Healthcare Administration in Health Information Management and BS in Healthcare Administration in Patient Safety & Quality.

In BS in Healthcare Administration in Health Information Management.

Both of these programs have the same value and number of credit hours needed for obtaining the BS degree, which is a total of 120 hours.

The lectures for the two programs are also related to some similar lectures such as healthcare quality management, human resource management, healthcare economics, healthcare delivery systems, and principles of epidemiology.

What makes the difference is the fact that BS is focused more on managing and organizing skills, while BS in Healthcare Administration in Health Information Management is more focused on patients and their experience.

The average time for finishing the studies is around four years.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham

What the University of Alabama at Birmingham has to offer is an exceptional program for not only its students but also their applicants.

So if you want to study on their program for Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, be sure that this University will help you as much as possible.

One of the most helpful aspects is, of course, the ability to study online.

Another helpful feature is that they allow you to choose a program that applies the most to your professional goals.

Both the BS and MS programs have a fast tracing option, created for students to obtain a BS degree, and collect the credits needed for a master’s degree at the same time.

The University also provides you with academic advising to instruct you and help you deal with the healthcare industry.

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Concordia University - Wisconsin

Situated in Wisconsin, a branch of Concordia University provides education in the field of healthcare.

Their online program for Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management is a part of the Business Department, and, as such, focusses on the business part of the healthcare.

Lectures included in this course are covering administration, management, finance, marketing, law and ethics in the healthcare industry.

There is one course, however, that stands out from the rest and that is Eldercare.

The main purpose of this course is studying seniors and their challenges and how to make their lives easier.

All students must have finished on-the-job training with a total of 60 hours in order to graduate.

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Brigham Young University

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration is the program that the Brigham Young University offers to anyone interested in studying healthcare administration.

The online program is intended to help all distance learners to get to their degrees.

However, if you want to enroll in their program, you must first complete BYUI’s PathwayConnect.

That is a program that lasts one year and grants a degree for university’s other online programs.

Healthcare management, human resource management, business module, and healthcare economics and financial management are some of the classes that students can expect within this program.

To graduate, you must complete 120 credit hours and an internship in one of the institutions which have previously been approved.

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Ottawa University - Online

Ottawa University is offering the Bachelor of Arts Online in Health Care Management under the Clinical Track program.

Anyone who is interested in the healthcare industry and is also looking for studying from distance should take a glimpse into this program.

School of Business, as a Universities‘ separate department, is home to this course.

The curriculum has been set up to train students to become successful healthcare managers.

Classes that are a part of the curriculum include planning and budgeting, human resources, health care law and ethics, health care policy and regulation, quality in health care, and management of health care organizations.

Graduates must all complete the capstone course as well as 124 credits to earn the degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which careers can I seek after obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management?

If you manage to earn a diploma in Healthcare Management, you will be more than ready to explore many different career options and paths.

Graduates are capable of dealing with different management and administrative tasks in healthcare facilities, among others.

Moreover, there are various specializations one can take to obtain further qualifications that will help them with finding great jobs.

These are the most common job titles:

  • Medical and Health Services Manager
  • Medical Records and Health Information Technician
  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Quality Assurance

Q. How long do the studies last?

On average, students usually graduate in three to four years.

Most universities require 120 or 140 credit hours to graduate, however, the length of the studies may vary depending on the chosen academic institution.

Some schools even offer fast-tracked degree options so that students can earn their degrees in even less than three years.

Q. What kind of education can I expect to receive from an online degree program in Healthcare Management?

Although coursework differs from one educational facility to another, some general rule of thumb is that all schools offer relevant classes that are suitable for that particular industry.

Students are likely to learn about healthcare management, healthcare economics, healthcare quality improvement, laws, ethics, management, etc.

All core courses are usually very relevant and much-needed for a well-rounded education.

Final Thoughts

Health management functions are everywhere around us, from hospitals and clinics to insurance companies and sports facilities.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, your Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management can be of good use.

Careers in medical information systems and health management are becoming more and more attractive and the salaries are becoming more and more competitive.

And, you will also be prepared for the advanced programs in healthcare, engineering, or business if you want to continue your education and pursue masters or doctorate degrees.

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