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An online Bachelor’s in General Studies degree program is offered in numerous educational institutions across the USA,

They are all offering outstanding training and education, which will provide students with a wide array of disciplines to focus on.

The General Studies coursework typically includes Arts and Humanities, Creative Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, but students interested in the fields of Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Computing courses can also look for their education in this field.

University of South Florida

Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies With a Concentration in Criminal Justice

The University of South Florida is located in Tampa, Florida and it offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies program for students who are looking for flexibility during their studies.

The university offers a fully online BGS degree program with areas of concentration in Criminal Justice, Information Studies, Public Administration, and Public Health.

Students who wish to enroll in this program will be able to take advantage of the extensive and wide array of courses available, but in order to fully earn the General Studies degree online, they are required to undertake 120-hour coursework.

At USF, students can focus on two areas of concentration, being that the main one requires 24-27 credit hours, while the second area of concentration that is included in the electives.

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Texas Tech University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies Online

Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, and it is proud to offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies program for students interested in distance education.

However, the university has set some enrollment requirements that students have to meet so as to be accepted.

Applicants with a GPA of 2.0 are allowed for admission.

A total of three components comprise an online General studies degree – the core curriculum, the Arts and Sciences general requirements, and the three areas of study.

The online coursework consists of 120 credit hours of which 40 hours is the minimum requirement for the Junior/Senior levels.

TTU  requires that students initially complete at least three courses that count under Communication Literacy applicable for General Studies to be able to reach a degree.

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University of Missouri

Bachelor of General Studies Programs Online 

The University of Missouri is located in Columbia, Missouri.

What makes this university a widely known one is its competent online Bachelor of General Studies degree program.

The University of Missouri has its Mizzou Online which offers a broad range of online degree programs.

If the online Bachelor’s in General Studies program is the one that interests you, you should know that the University of Missouri program provides strong foundational knowledge through the core coursework.

You will get high-quality training in the discipline, as well as enhanced skills in the arts and sciences.

Mizzou Online’s Bachelor’s degree in General Studies does not require a campus visit being that the program is 100% online.

Furthermore, it does not need credit hours in a foreign language.

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University of North Dakota

Bachelor of General Studies Online Degree Program

The University of North Dakota features the online Bachelor of General Studies, which is designed for and it is considered ideal for students who have varied interests and wishes to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the same time but do not have enough free time to attend regular classes.

The duration of this program is approximately 4 years, and a student may complete the online Bachelor’s degree in General Studies taking on a 120-credit hour requirement.

Students who finish this educational program will excel in various fields like in law and humanities, human resources, social work, higher education, counseling, journalism, human services, and communication.

The online Bachelor of Science of UND students acquire broad knowledge while learning to immerse themselves in different cultures.

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Ball State University

Online B.S. of General Studies

Ball State University offers its students to earn a bachelor’s degree in General Studies through its Ball State Online.

The earning of a bachelor’s degree in General Studies has never been so easy.

Ball State University offers a entirely online program which students can complete by simply fulfilling a 120-credit hour course work and choosing two minors from Applied Behavioral Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Business Information Technology, Criminal Justice and Criminology, History, Infant and Toddler Specialization, Psychology of Human Development, Residential Property Management, Sociology, and Women and Gender Studies.

The online Ball State program allows students access to library services, technical support, tutorials, and more which makes their education easier.

Students are provided with competent academic advisors at BSU to ensure a successful Bachelor’s degree holder in General Studies.

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University of Louisiana

Online Bachelor of General Studies Programs 

The University of Louisiana is located in Lafayette, LA and it is another one of excellent universities throughout the USA that features quality online Bachelor of General Studies curriculum.

Interested students who want to become enrollees of the online Bachelor of General Studies program can choose from a maximum of three concentrations, either Arts & Humanities, Behavioral Science, or Applied Sciences.

The University of Louisiana offers a competent online learning environment at UL and the university’s online degree program is there to equip the student with broad but useful general knowledge.

The full length of this program is estimated to be 4 years following a 16-week semester format.

Once students graduate from the Bachelor of General Studies program of UL, outstanding career paths are waiting for them, such as public service or certain creative roles in recreation and design.

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Maryville University

Online Bachelor’s in General Studies Degree 

Maryville University has numerous online degree programs to offer to its students in Missouri.

One of those very attractive online courses provided there is an Online Bachelor’s in General Studies with a concentration in healthcare.

The concentration in healthcare is due to the fact that healthcare is an in-demand profession, and the accuracy and general knowledge in quality healthcare is definitely a need in this modern society.

The online Bachelor of General Studies curriculum is designed so as to help interested students learn the basics and succeed in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

The online course format is 100% online and the entrance exam is not required.

If you happen to be a successful student in the online program, you may also become a health educator yourself.

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Lamar University

Bachelor of General Studies Online Degree 

At Lamar University, the Bachelor of General Studies online course program is offered to students eager to enroll in distance education programs.

Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas and it is an ideal educational institution for students interested to expand a career in various fields.

Concentrations range from Global issues to Family Studies.

Students can also choose some of the other options including Computer Science, Corporate Communications, Crime and Criminal Justice, Human and Physical Geography, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The courses covered in the online degree program are divided into two formats.

Lower level core curriculum and an elective course have an 8-week and a 15-week format, while upper-level advanced courses have only an 8-week format.

The tuition fee for the online Bachelor of General Studies program at LU starts at $248 per credit hour, but the price highly depends on transfer fees and program advisement.

Students who want to enroll have to submit an online application with a one-time payment of $25 application fee.

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Eastern Kentucky University

Online General Studies Bachelor’s Degree Program

Eastern Kentucky University offers its students a chance of earning an Online General Studies Bachelor’s Degree.

Eastern Kentucky University is located in Richmond, Kentucky and it features an interdisciplinary and broad course program.

The university assures specific learning outcomes by providing different fields of concentration.

The Bachelor of General Studies online degree program of Eastern Kentucky University is offered 100% online and it is focused on Business, Education, Government, Healthcare, Real Estate, Social Service, and Technology.

In order that students earn a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, they have to meet the 120-credit hour coursework requirement.

What makes this online degree program of EKU different from others is that students can take advantage of a personalized graduation plan after satisfactorily completing an 8-week term.

Tuition fees at the fully-accredited university range from $409 per credit hour to $250 per credit hour for active-duty military.

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Drury University

Online Bachelor of General Studies Curriculum-Degree Program

Drury University boasts the online Bachelor of General Studies curriculum.

Drury University is located in Springfield, Missouri and allows its students to earn a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies and expand fundamental knowledge and course-related background.

If you choose this institution for your future education, you would like to know that enrollees may choose from 3 fields of concentration to be able to pursue a General Studies degree at Drury University fully.

Areas of focus include Humanities and Fine Arts, Science and Mathematics, and Social Studies.

All enrollees under the online program have to meet the 124-credit hour requirement to complete the online coursework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What courses will I attend if I enroll in an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies?

A Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies includes a broad range of courses and it all depends on the educational institution you have chosen to attend.

Some of the basic courses are Business courses, Corporate Communication, Global Issues, Technology, Healthcare, and the Sciences.

Q. What career paths are available for graduates of an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies Degree program?

Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies Degree program graduates will be able to choose from a huge number of job options and this all depends on your specialization or area of concentration completed.

Some of the possible careers are public servants, healthcare instructors, computer technicians, legal aid, corporate managers, and administrative assistants.

Q. Will I be able to reach a profitable career as an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies graduate?

We can only say that by enrolling in an online Bachelor’s degree in General Studies you will get a chance to reach profitable careers.

Of course, that will be available only after you successfully complete the studies.

Actually, an online Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies Degree program graduates will be guaranteed a stable and high-earning career.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an increasing demand for graduates of an online Bachelor’s degree in General Studies between 2016 to 2026 because of the diverse fields that graduates are exposed to.

Final Thoughts

Once you decide which of the above-mentioned schools is the right for you, you can be sure that successful students of the online degree program are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for real-life professional situations and an online Bachelor’s degree in General Studies is ideal for students who are still not sure about their career path because it gives chances in many disciplines.

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