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If you’re a compassionate person who enjoys helping others and looking out for their welfare, an online Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Development can help you prepare for a career as a social worker, childcare director, social service assistant or counselor.

A program in this field of study will teach you about the dynamics between individuals, families, and communities and the principles of child development, adolescence, marriage, and parenthood.

On online degree in a good option for those who want to accommodate school with work and other commitments.

So, if you’re a busy adult who wants to earn a bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Development we invite you to check out our list of top 20 online schools that offer training in this field.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with a Child and Family Services concentration through its dedicated platform intended for international students and adult learners.

The program consists of 120 credit hours with coursework in a variety of topics, including Child Growth and Cognitive Development, Sociology and Social Problems, Law and Ethics in Human Services.

Those who want to enroll in this online program may need previous work experience.

The school accepts up to 90 transferable credits.

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University of Alabama

The University of Alabama offers a web-based Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences, Human Development, and Family Studies through its Bama by Distance program.

The University of Alabama is considered one of the best schools for a fully online degree in family and human development.

Students have the option of choosing between two concentrations: child life and child development.

Students who enroll at this 120 credit-hour program pay an average fee of $364 per hour.

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Pennsylvania State University

Home to 100,000 students who attend classes on 24 campuses, Pennsylvania State University-World Campus covers 150 degrees and certification programs.

Its educational offer includes an online Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies.

The program includes 120 credit hours and costs approximately $555 per credit.

Some courses may also require students to complete fieldwork at local agencies.

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San Diego Christian College

Another great online program for individuals who want to build a career in counseling, human resources, or social services is the one offered by San Diego Christian College.

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Development Degree is delivered on a cohort-based online learning approach and is designed for remote students who are required to complete 123-hour coursework by attending five-week classes.

The program can be completed in four years and covers subjects on Motivation and Learning, Lifespan Development, Counseling Theory, and Crisis Intervention.

The total cost for the online degree is approximately $30,000.

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Oregon State University

Oregon State University delivers an online Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences degree through the College of Public Health Development and Family Sciences.

The 180-credit degree program aims to equip students with problem-solving, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Students who are enrolled in the online program can choose to minor in sociology or public health.

After graduation, students may continue their training with a graduate program in Counseling, Social Work, Education or Psychology.

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Hope International University

Hope International University offers an online Bachelor of Science In Human Development program for students who want to learn and earn a degree at their own pace.

Those who have a background in psychology and counseling can choose from two concentrations: community mental health and counseling or family studies.

The course is taught from a Christian perspective and includes subjects such as contemporary living, Christian worldview, and history.

Tuition costs for remote students sum up to $30,550.

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Colorado State University

Colorado State University provides a fully web-based Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies degree.

The program has a flexible curriculum and consists of 120 required credits.

Students can choose between five concentrations: Leadership and Entrepreneurial Professions, Prevention and Intervention Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies, and Pre-Health Professions.

Graduates can, later on, find employment in the field of long-term care, social services, or corrections.

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University of Wisconsin-Stout

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is a polytechnic institution located in Menomonie.

Its online platform offered for global students includes a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies degree.

The 120-credit program allows students to choose their concentration or combine different disciplines.

This program can be completed in as few as two years by full-time students.

Students who complete this course instantly become a family life educator through the National Council of Family Relations.

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Stephen F. Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences: Human Development and Family Studies tailored for those who already hold a degree from an accredited institution.

The program’s curriculum covers topics such as infant and child development, consumer problems, family communication, family life education, and more.

Students who complete their internship before graduation pay approximately $7,700 for tuition.

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University of Arizona

Home to some of the best degree programs in a variety of academic fields, the University of Arizona tries to make its courses available worldwide by providing online degree programs.

The school’s diverse educational offer includes an online Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Human Development degree.

University of Arizona students pay per-credit tuition.

The online Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Human Development can be completed in four years by students who fulfill the pre-major requirements.

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Concordia University

Another great program for working students and distant learners who are looking for flexible academic schedules is the fully online Bachelor of Arts in Family Science offered by Concordia University.

Individuals who want to study at this online program must complete general education pre-requisites prior to enrollment.

Students who enroll at the 40-credit-hour program can choose between two tracks: certified and non-certified.

Those opting for the certified program will become accredited Family Life Educators immediately after graduation.

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North Dakota State University

Based in Fargo, North Dakota State University provides online degree programs through its Distance and Continuing Education center.

The school’s educational offer includes a degree program in Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science.

The program offers three concentrations: Adult Development and Aging, Child and Adolescent Development, and Family Science.

Students who complete the coursework receive 20 core credits and they also need to fulfill a 5-credit hands-on fieldwork part.

The online classes offered by North Dakota State University through its Distance and Continuing Education center are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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California State University-East Bay

Individuals who are interested in studying Human Development and Women’s Studies can opt to look into the online program offered by the California State University-East Bay.

The program is designed for community college students who have a full-time job and are looking to complete their majors and earn a degree.

Students can choose between 10-12 unit concentrations, including Early Childhood Development,  Adolescent Development, Adult Development and Gerontology, and Women’s Development.

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Brigham Young University

Home to 33,000 online students, Brigham Young University-Idaho offers a curriculum tailored for students who are looking for a career in victim support services, nursing homes, and family resource centers.

The university’s Bachelor of Science in Marriage and Family Studies program consists of 120-credit coursework.

As part of this program, students are also required to complete an internship at a location near them.

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Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies that can be completed online.

The program uses a curriculum that combines the latest research and best practices in the field of child development, focusing on the students’ academic and professional training.

The coursework is structured in 8-week terms and students must complete two practicums before graduation.

Tuition costs sum up to approximately $9,000.

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Washington State University

The one Bachelor of Arts in Human Development program offered by Washington State University-Global Campus prepares students who are looking to start a career in child-care centers, senior centers, and the YMCA.

The web-based curriculum aims to develop students’ skills in helping other people live up to their full potential.

The B.A. program costs approximately $11,000.

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Utah State University

Utah State University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science program in Family Life Studies.

It typically takes full-time students approximately four years to finish the 120-credit coursework.

The program includes core classes in Parenting and Child Guidance, Psychological Statistics, Abuse and Neglect in the Family Context, Research Methods, Human Sexuality, Families and Cultural Diversity, and more.

Before graduation, students must create a portfolio showcasing the knowledge and skills they acquired throughout the program.

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Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers a 120-credit online Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development as part of its Liberal Arts and Sciences programs.

The degree is composed of 40 classes in a variety of topics, including Aging and Life Course, Personal Growth and Human Relationships, Family Ethnic and Cultural Diversity, Marriage and Family Relationships and more.

The program also includes a practicum requirement, which can be completed on-campus, if students live nearby.

Tuition for the online program is in the range of $10,000-$11,000.

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University of North Carolina-Greensboro

The online Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies offered by the University of North Carolina-Greensboro combines early childhood special education with social and behavioral science.

Online students have the option of choosing between two concentrations, namely Early Care and Education and Birth Through Kindergarten Teacher Education.

Those who enroll in the program can pursue teacher licensure or choose to work with children and adolescents in other settings.

Students who have earned an AAS in Early Childhood are welcome to continue their training with this fully online program.

In-state tuition for 12 credits is $2,232 while out-of-state tuition is $8,378.

UNC Greensboro is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers several online degrees for working students who are looking for flexible ways to complete their education.

The school’s educational offer includes an online Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences- an interdisciplinary degree that integrates different departments.

Students can choose between several concentration options, including Addictive Disorders, Recovery Studies, Human Development, and Family Studies.

The option of transferring credits may also be available.

Tuition is approximately $8,500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does an online Bachelor's degree program in Family and Human Development cost?

The cost of attending an online Bachelor’s in Family and Human Development degree program is influenced by several factors, including the student’s state of residence and the university’s policy.

Out-of-state students often have to pay more than in-state students but there are also institutions that offer a flat tuition rate regardless of the learning format and the student’s residence.

Tuition typically ranges between $300-$750 per credit.

Q. What jobs can I get with a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Development?

Those who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Development typically work as social workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of child, family, and school social workers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2018 to 2028.

Child and family social workers will continue to be in-demand in the future to work with families, to prevent child abuse and to find homes for children who don’t live with their biological families.

However, Family and Human Development graduates are not restricted to social work; alternative career options include counseling, education, psychology or research.

Q. Why should I choose an accredited school for my online Bachelor’s in Family and Human Development degree?

Accreditation proves that a school meets the quality standards required by state regulation or by third-party institutions such as the Higher Learning Commission.

Moreover, by attending an accredited school you also have the option of transferring credits if you want to enroll at a different course and thus you can reduce the time needed to earn your degree.

So before enrolling at a particular program, you should first make sure that the school is accredited.

Final Thoughts

By turning your passion for helping others into a career you will have the opportunity of having a real positive impact on other people’s lives.

Whether you want to become a social worker, a counselor or a teacher, a degree in Family and Human Development can be of great use.

Now that you have learned more about the best online programs for a Bachelor’s in Family and Human Development degree you can continue your own research and apply to the institution that best meets your educational needs and professional aspirations.

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