10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Emergency Management

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Those of you who are thinking about enrolling in an online Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management programs should know that they are in the right place, as we will provide you with the descriptions of the best universities whose programs focus on the protection of individuals, property, and resources during catastrophic events.

Each of the following educational institutions will prepare students for disastrous events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and even terrorist attacks and learn them the right strategies.


Online Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services

The University of Florida is a Gainesville-based university.

What this educational institution has to offer is an extensive online degree program in Emergency Management.

You can enroll in the online Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services which is designed to prepare students to advance a career in emergency management.

This is a program which requires 120 credits for the degree and takes approximately four years to complete.

The program offers certain specializations in Fire Management, Emergency Medical Services Management, and Emergency Management.

What the students will learn throughout the studies is how to react in emergencies and how to adequately prepare, promptly respond and recover with a reasonable period.

The tuition costs are the following: Florida residents would have to pay $129.18 per credit hour, while non-Florida residents will be charged $552.62 per credit hour.

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Fully Online Emergency Management Administration Degree Program

West Texas A&M University is located in Canyon Texas.

Prospective students can enroll in a fully online program in Emergency Management Administration.

In order to earn a degree in Emergency Management Administration, you must be able to complete the required 120 hours that include 42 hours of classes in the EMA major.

Throughput this program, students will be trained to respond effectively in emergencies and times of crisis.

The coursework focuses on giving the students knowledge related to the right and wise reaction before, during, and after emergencies.

The online program Emergency Management Administration at the West Texas A&M University teaches students to apply strategies in disaster awareness, risk assessment process, and methodology, leadership, and decision-making, among many others.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management

Bethel University offers a wide range of online courses across Tennessee State and one of the very attractive ones is an online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Services Management program.

This online course is considered ideal for professionals who want to develop their careers in public management in times of emergencies.

The program focuses on an individual’s reaction before, during and after disasters, terrorist incidents, on handling weapons of mass destruction, and more.

To be able to become a graduate with an Emergency Services Management degree, you will have to earn128 credit hours.

If you are one of those interested in enrolling at Bethel University and attend an online Emergency Services Management program, you should know that will be able to adjust learning in an online environment and make your own schedule, besides getting the opportunity to learn through an excellent management system, library resources, and other required deliverables for the online program.

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100% Online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management Program

American Military University is located in Charles Town, West Virginia and it belongs to some of the many prestigious universities in the area.

The program that it has to offer is a 100% online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management, which is the online 128-credit coursework program.

Once you finish the studies, you will be fully prepared for whenever emergencies and disasters are on the rise.

The primary aim of this coursework is to educate students on how to promote public safety through quick hazard identification and thorough and in-depth understanding of possible risks.

Throughout this online program, students will learn the multiple cycles and phases of calamities and know how to identify which emergency response strategy will work best.

The education at AMU costs $270 per credit and $250 tuition credit with a military grant.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management

Arkansas State University is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Students at this university get a chance of enrolling in an online program and reach a Bachelor of Science in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management degree.

The online coursework is designed so as to prepare students to become fully prepared in times of disasters and have the proper knowledge in managing disaster-related emergencies.

After the studies are finished, successful students will be able to put lessons into action and act wisely in cases of emergency.

For this online degree, tuition per credit hour starts at $210 for US residents while international students will have to pay $433.

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Online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security/Emergency Services

Anderson University is located in Anderson, South Carolina and offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security/Emergency Services degree program.

All of the individuals who are interested in enrolling in this online course should know that after finishing the classes, they would be provided with a comprehensive plan for proper emergency handling.

The Homeland Security and Emergency Services of AU online will offer students the appropriate academic background to become active emergency responders, to think fast when security is at risk and to formulate solutions effective for different emergency and security-related situations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security/Emergency Services degree program is designed so as to make students become effective public servants and to develop their skills to be flexible enough to assist in the security and emergency concerns especially when the country is in question.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration

The online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration course offered at Columbia Southern University located in Orange Beach, Alabama is considered a more complex program on emergency management than those offered in other educational institutions.

The University offers online courses that are designed to create the leadership skills of students interested to serve EMS organizations and the course requires students 120 credits to earn the degree.

What the students will get is a strong academic foundation in handling emergencies being that the whole studies are focused on offering successful training on legal and political frameworks to situations that call for emergency management services.

Throughout the courses here, you will learn more about risk management and the avoidance of such in times of crisis and what is even better, you will be provided a flexible online environment.

This means that students are allowed to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services Administration at a convenient schedule and at their own pace.

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Online BS in Disaster and Emergency Management

Crown College is proud to belong to HLC-accredited schools and this proves the fact that the college is providing complete online coursework in Disaster and Emergency Management in Minnesota which is of high quality.

This is the Christ-centered college that offers a unique online program with the primary aim to equip students with the knowledge and principles relating to varied fields in emergency management and the only way of earning a degree at Crown College is to reach a total of 125 credits.

The online coursework is created to teach students how to react before, during and after the disasters and emergencies.

After the studies, students will be trained to use their emergency management skills for public service and to address solutions to disasters and emergencies accordingly.

The tuition rate at Crown College is competitive but this is definitely an educational institution worth considering as it ensures a 100% online degree program which will make you become an active and efficient responder in case of emergency and disaster.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM)

Western Carolina University has to offer a fully online Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management.

This university is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Those students eager to pursue positions in the government may take advantage of the online coursework that WCU offers.

Throughout the studies, students will not only develop leadership skills but will learn how to act in emergency situations in communities.

Furthermore, online coursework encourages students to study public policies that will increase community safety and security.

The online course program would also be useful to students as they will learn strategies in preventing, mitigating, and appropriately responding to disasters and emergencies.

The online degree of Emergency and Disaster Management of WCU can be achieved only when the students reach 120 semester hours.

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Online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management

Kansas Wesleyan University located in Salina, Kansas offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management degree program whose main focus is on instilling emergency management theories and training to students.

The university ensures that once they finish the studies, the students will be able to put all the theoretical knowledge into practice before, after, and especially during emergencies.

The KWU emergency management education is based on homeland security, business continuity, and non-governmental organizations, meaning that the graduates of the online emergency management program at KWU will become leaders who will be able to promote national security fully.

The online program aims to train students to formulate long-term emergency management and risk reduction so that they will be committed to protect and save the lives of both people and properties in communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I study if I enroll in a Bachelor’s in Emergency Management degree program?

You will be studying the strategies used when responding to either man-made or natural disasters.

This means that after finishing the emergency management degree program, you will be fully prepared to respond to emergencies and get well fast in times of crisis.

Q. What kind of jobs can graduates with a Bachelor’s in Emergency Management degree get?

Some of the jobs that you as an Emergency Management graduate can do are a security officer, public servant, emergency management specialist, risk reduction specialist, and emergency health officer to mention just a few.

Q. What is the length of an online Bachelors’ in Emergency Management degree program?

It depends on the program and your devotion to studies, but typically it takes four years to complete it and you have to meet the 120-credit requirement.


Final Thoughts

Whichever of the above-mentioned schools you choose, you will not regret your decision and you will become an emergency management professional able to utilize the achieved knowledge and training when the safety of the society is in question.

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