20 Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s In Electronic Engineering

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Choosing the right studies can be a tiresome and troublesome task.

Those of you who are eager to enroll in an online Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering program should keep on reading as we are offering you the best of the best schools which can be your choice for the future education.

By choosing to attend an online program that focuses on this discipline, adult learners get their academic goals without disrupting their career and other obligations.

Arizona State University-ASU Online

Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona and it has to offer the online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program.

It is designed so as to prepare students to become world-class professionals in the Electrical Engineering field.

The courses focus on the areas of sustainable development, energy production, energy distribution, and information management & processing.

The faculty teaches specialty courses in energy systems, analog and digital circuits, electric power, communications networks, electromagnetic fields, and solid-state electronics among many others.

This is a 120-credit hour program and the students are obliged to pass some mandatory core electronics courses such as Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, University Physics I and II, Modern Differential Equations, Circuits I, and Random Signal Analysis.

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University Of North Dakota

The University Of North Dakota is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The University of North Dakota offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E).

This program boasts the accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

This online electrical engineering program offers its students excellent knowledge related to leadership, entrepreneurial and lifelong learning skills, multidisciplinary teamwork, and communication skills for a global marketplace.

The mandatory electrical engineering courses here are Engineering Economy, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Introduction to Digital Electronics & Digital Electronics Laboratory, and Circuit Analysis to mention just a few.

Students must have 125 credit hours to earn this online degree.

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Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey features an online Bachelor of Science in Electronics Systems Engineering Technology.

The students should not worry about the level of standard of this program, being that it is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The online Bachelor of Science in Electronics Systems Engineering Technology program is designed for professionals employed in the electronics industry, specializing in instrumentation & control, computer hardware, communications, and avionics.

This is a 124-credit online electronics engineering program that includes Electronics Instrumentation & Control, Digital Electronics with Lab, Microprocessors with Lab, Network Technology, Integrated Circuits/Electronics with Lab, and Industrial Electronics among some others mandatory core courses.

Students need to complete an Electronic Engineering Technology Capstone for graduation.

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University Of Arizona

The University of Arizona boasts an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

What students will get through this program is both excellent education and training in wireless technology, advanced embedded systems, biomedical devices, cybersecurity, and robotics.

The university has its partners among some of the most reputable companies such as Pixar, Intel, Microsoft, Raytheon, and NASA, meaning that students get ahead in the tough employment arena.

There are some mandatory core courses such as Microprocessor Organization, Circuit Theory, and Computer Programming for Engineering Applications.

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University Of North Carolina-Charlotte

The University Of North Carolina is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the University of North Carolina, students get the opportunity to enroll in an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology program.

This is designed to prepare students for potential careers in the aviation control systems, networked computer systems, application design in the HVAC systems, and consumer electronics industry to mention just a few.

The online degree is created for students who currently hold an associate degree in applied sciences and are employed, and cannot commit enough time to attend on-campus lectures, but it is a good thing to know that anyone can apply if they meet the admission requirements.

There are six primary subjects – digital and logic systems, linear circuits, electronic circuits and systems, power systems, control systems, and microprocessors & embedded systems.

Furthermore, the University Of North Carolina’s electrical engineering online program has mandatory required courses in AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Digital Circuits, Microprocessors, and C Programming.

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University Of Massachusetts-Lowell

The University Of Massachusetts in Lowell, Massachusetts features a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology program.

This coursework has a curriculum that specializes in the application of critical thinking and electronics principles as practical solutions to the challenges in this discipline and once the studies are finished, students will become specialists in electronic circuits and equipment testing.

This is a 127-credit hour program which includes obligatory core electronic engineering technology courses such as Microprocessors A and B, Electric Circuits I, Foundations of Microwave Design, and Power Conversion Design.

The graduates will be able to pursue a career in the areas of semiconductors, telecommunications, consumer electronics, as well as in the design, testing, and manufacturing of software and hardware components.

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Excelsior College

Excelsior College has to offer a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology program which focuses on Power Systems, Electronics, and Nanotechnology.

The students are allowed to enroll in this online program and they will be attending lectures related to the analysis, design, and integration of digital and analog control systems.

Students will also learn how to utilize state-of-the-art facilities and high-level computer programming to develop, model, and design electronic systems.

Excelsior’s online electrical engineering technology program has some mandatory courses, such as Control Systems, Digital Electronics, Computer Programming, Business Data Communications, and Microprocessors.

At Excelsior College, 124 credit hours are required to earn this degree.

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Texas State University

Texas State University features the Ingram School of Engineering.

Actually, it offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in three concentrations: Networks & Communication Systems, Micro and Nano Devices & Systems, and Computer Engineering.

Students with engineering, management, or science, mathematics background will get excellent knowledge related to electronic devices, systems, and services.

Students who are interested in the Micro and Nano Devices and Systems Concentration should take courses such as microprocessors, analog, and mixed-signal design, and microelectronics manufacturing.

On the other hand, those interested in Networks & Communication Systems should take up subjects in digital image processing, communication networks, and electromagnetics.

Last, but not the least, students whose primary interest is Computer Engineering should attend classes in operating systems, introduction to VLSI design, and object-oriented design and programming.

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Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University located in Portales, New Mexico, has an online Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Students will not only get the knowledge, but also the experience in the fields of electronics technology, and applications in computer systems design.

Eastern New Mexico University’s electronics engineering technology graduates will be able to compete in different areas of study such as robotics, computers, electronics, instrumentation, communication, and controls.

There are some required core courses which include Electronic Communication, Semiconductor Devices, Control Systems, Renewable Energy Technology, and Circuit Design with PLDs.

The university also offers paid internships in top companies like the United States Air Force and Lockheed Martin.

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Clemson University

Clemson University is a public research university located in Clemson, South Carolina.

Clemson University offers a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

The program is recognized by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and it is designed for those individuals who work full time with a professional background in engineering but want to improve their skills or reach higher education degrees at their own pace and with a lot of flexibility.

The program is not intended for recent high school graduates.

Clemson’s core online electrical engineering courses are delivered in an asynchronous format and there are some mandatory courses such as Signals & Systems, Random Signal Analysis, Electric Circuits, and Microcontroller Interfacing.

So as to graduate, students need 126 credit hours.

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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering which is considered ideal for professionals and students who are seeking a rewarding career in electrical engineering but who cannot attend lectures on campus due to their obligations.

Students can take this degree 100% online in an asynchronous format.

The program offers tests, labs, projects, assignments, courses, faculty, advising, and materials over the internet.

Courses in engineering design, electronic circuits, electromagnetics, and digital logic design are included and students need to have 120 credit hours to earn this degree.

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University Of Delaware

The University Of Delaware is located in Newark, Delaware.

The University of Delaware has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering online program which boasts several areas of study.

Those are Sustainable Energy Technology, Cybersecurity, Bioelectrical Engineering, Multimedia Signal Processing, Circuit and System Design, Communications, Materials and Devices, and Nanofabrication.

University Of Delaware’s electrical engineering program is offered in a special 4+1 BEE/MSECE Program.

This is a unique program that allows students to finish a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in five years.

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Indiana State University

Indiana State University in Terre Haute features a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET).

The program uses state-of-the-art facilities and techniques in their exclusive small-sized classes to maximize each student’s academic success.

The university has an online electrical engineering program where a managerial study integrates industrial organization, computer systems, and supervision with technical competence.

The mandatory courses include Electronic Devices & Instrumentation Design, Computer Systems Management, Circuit Analysis, and Industrial Electronic Pulse Circuits.

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DeVry University

DeVry University is located in Downers Grove, Illinois and it has to offer its students a Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program which is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Students will get hands-on learning experience which will make them successful in different fields such as construction, defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and chemical.

This online electronics engineering degree has two specializations – Renewable Energy and Standard Option.

Mandatory courses are Introduction to Operating Systems, Introduction to Technology & Information Systems, Introduction to Programming, Fundamentals of Information Security, and Fundamentals of Information Technology and Networking I and II among others.

Students should have 140-credit-hours to earn this online degree.

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Morgan State University

Morgan State University is a public educational institution located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Students can enroll in an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering 2+2 Program.

This is a 133-credit hour program and students are required to take the following courses: Introduction to Digital Logic, Electronic Circuits, Electronic Materials and Devices, Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers, and Signals & Systems.

Morgan State is the first school that allows the completion of all laboratory courses in an electrical engineering degree 100% online.

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Grantham University

Grantham University is established in Lenexa, Kansas, and it has to offer high-quality online degrees including an online Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology to its prospective students.

This online degree promotes professional development for graduates to establish successful careers in engineering technology.

What the graduate students will get once the program is finished are skills in digital and analog electronics, signal processing, advanced circuit theory and design, and microprocessor fundamentals.

There are some mandatory courses that each student must take – Digital Electronics, Analog Integrated Circuits & Labs, Programming Essentials, and Fundamental Properties of DC Circuits & Lab.

Students must complete the 120-credit hours.

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Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Southern Illinois University is an educational institution that is proud to offer an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Their program has an innovative approach to learning, being that during the online classes, students get access to reading materials, online video lectures, and programs while also utilizing a series of software simulation and portable test instruments.

Students must have 120 credit hours to earn this degree.

The completion of a capstone project is also mandatory.

Intro to Engineering Technology, Digital Systems Fundamentals, AC/DC Circuit Theory, Electronic Applications & Design, Microcontroller Application and Design, and EET Senior Design I are the obligatory courses.

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East Coast Polytechnic Institute University (ECPI University)

East Coast Polytechnic Institute University is located in Norfolk, Virginia.

An online Bachelor of Science in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology program is offered at this university and students will be able to learn about the design and implementation processes involved in electronic systems as well as digital and analog electronics.

Software Logic and Design, Semiconductor Devices, and Data Communications & Networking are some of the required courses.

These courses are taught online by seasoned instructors with impressive academic knowledge and experience.

If you become an online electronics engineering degree graduate at this university, you will be able to establish a successful career as a product engineer technologist, an electrical engineering technologist, or an industrial engineering technologist.

A capstone project is required for graduation.

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Daytona State College

Daytona State College is an educational institution that offers over 100 different certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees.

An online Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree program is also available and the institution is proud to have this program accredited by ABET.

The graduates of this program are able to achieve successful careers in the technology industry such as manufacturing, construction, and consumer electronics.

Daytona State College keeps on updating the curriculum to meet industry standards.

Daytona’s BSET program uses a 2+2 program that requires an associate’s degree for entry.

The obligatory courses include Feedback Control Systems, Digital Systems, Programmable Logic Applications, and Devices & Lab, and Linear Integrated Circuits.

Students can choose the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology – Electrical Engineering Technology Concentration.

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University Of Michigan-Dearborn

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is a public educational institution and here students can enroll in an online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program,

This program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and it prepares students for leadership positions in the globally competitive marketplace.

This is achieved by delivering excellent instruction in the technical areas of the study, including control, energy conversion, measurement, communication, and computation by highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

The core electrical engineering courses that each student must take are Analog & Discrete Signals and Systems, Control Systems, System Design with Microcontrollers, and Digital Signal Processing.

To get a degree in this field, students are required to complete their Electrical Engineering Design I and II capstone project and earn at least 125 credit hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are reasons to get a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering?

There are so many reasons to earn this degree, considering the fact that holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering can build, design, and test the manufacturing and operation of different electrical equipment and communication systems, motors, computer systems, power generation systems, and navigation systems which means they can get the job easily and become professionals in many fields.

Once you get an electronic engineering degree, you will be able to work in the federal government or take part in research development.

It can be concluded that all industries are in constant need of the expertise of electronic engineers.

Q. What does the curriculum of bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering include?

The curriculum consists of general education subjects.

The courses in an online Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering degree are Calculus for Engineers, Digital Design Fundamentals, Principles of Programming Languages, Circuits I, Random Signal Analysis, and Microprocessors.

Nevertheless, the courses might vary by online program, and you might be required to complete electives or pick a concentration.

Q. How much are the education costs once a student enrolls in an online bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering program?

The tuition of an online bachelor’s in electronic engineering is not the same in each institution offering this program.

It varies, but it can be said that it ranges from $32,00 to $72,000.

Students are suggested to take a closer look at the factors that affect program costs and take advantage of financial aid options that are available at each educational institution if the requirements are met.

Final Thoughts

Students who are interested in working with innovative technologies to research, develop, test, and oversee the installation or manufacture of diverse electronic systems should gather all those necessary information and only then decide which program suits their needs and expectations.

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