10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s In Electrical Engineering

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Those of you who are considering getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering should pick the right school which will provide the best possible training to identify and design the manufacturing of electrical equipment and electrical systems.

Through its curriculum, students should be exposed to and should learn how to work with a wide range of electrical components, as small as minuscule microchips to as huge as massive power generators.

Even though this kind of education is quite complex, both students and adult learners can pursue this course no matter how far they are from the actual university or faculty.

Furthermore, the pace they learn is set by themselves, as all the activities are done online.

Clemson University

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering course at Clemson University is a 125-credit curriculum.

It is made available through the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In order to enroll in this course, you might need to pass some prerequisite courses.

These prerequisite courses can be taken in other institutions and then transferred to Clemson.

This is a program that is designed for professionals who already have engineering work but are striving towards getting a degree.

Furthermore, there is a possibility of earning credits to add to your requirements from about twenty courses available only during summer.

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University Of Massachusetts

Online Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

In the UMass Lowell, there is a chance of getting an online Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering degree.

During this course, students will reach knowledge for real-life applications in the fields of telecommunications, semiconductors, and other consumer electronics which they will be able to apply once they start their own careers.

This is 127-credit coursework and how long will it take to finish it depends on your own pace.

Usually, it takes from two to four years.

If you belong to those students with a prior learning experience, you can apply for eligibility to transfer credits.

The tuition cost for this online course is $13,427.

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Arizona State University-Tempe

Online Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering

Arizona State University-Tempe has to offer a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering under the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

If you are thinking about enrolling in this course, you should have in mind that this is a 120-credit program designed so as to provide students with knowledge of the fundamentals of electromagnets, random signal analysis, and calculus.

These are just a few from its 40 courses offered.

Those students who have previous learning credits are only required to finish 30 credits to earn their degree and they consider this as a great opportunity.

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National University

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

National University students are able to reach a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree through the university’s online platform.

This university has to offer a 180-credit program during which students will get a combination of theories and concepts dealing with hardware, software, and interaction between technology and humans.

Those students who have eligible transfer credits may enroll in accelerated programs.

The tuition costs are estimated to be $12,744 for this program.

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University Of North Dakota

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree is available at the University of North Dakota and you can choose to enroll in a distance learning program.

This is 125-credit coursework and it is estimated to last 5 years.

Full-time students here can graduate from this program and reach excellent knowledge which will lead to successful future careers.

Students with previous learning credits or an associate degree are also highly encouraged to apply as they will be able to transfer those credits, thus cut down the time of finishing the studies to four years or fewer.

Additional courses such as aerospace, computer science, and biomedical engineering are also available.

UND is proud to be approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.

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Stony Brook University

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree program is recently designed and offered at Stony Brook University as an online course.

Professors who teach this course came from Binghamton University and University at Buffalo so as to provide the students with the best possible education.

The admissions process requires that all student applicants are assessed for pre-requisites.

Some of them may require enrolling in on-site classes which is more suitable for those with previous credits or an associate degree.

So, it can be concluded that this program is limited to distant learners within the U.S., being that students are required to have hands-on components for a short time.

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Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor’s in Engineering

At Old Dominion University, future students can get an Online Bachelor’s in Engineering degree.

What students consider great is that they are more exposed to technology-based equipment and software when they enroll in Old Dominion University’s online Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with Computer Engineering, Communications Systems, Embedded Systems, Mechatronics, and Power Systems as concentrations.

Once they graduate, they become eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering in the State of Virginia or other states.

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American Public University

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

If you are considering enrolling in American Public University’s online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program, you should have in mind the following details.

This is a 126-credit program and it is considered ideal for students ambitious to take on a professional career in electronics, software, hardware, and equipment.

The program offers a maximum of 90 credits to be transferred.

This means that those students will be able to cut down the time to finish the degree to two or three years.

Students have three concentrations to choose from: Communications, General, and Mechatronic Systems.

The integral part of these courses is at-home-hands-on laboratory work which all the students are asked to perform.

It is taken as a more appropriate alternative for the distant learner compared to other schools where students are supposed to do this activity on-campus.

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University Of North Carolina

Online Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology: Electrical

The Distance Education available at the University Of North Carolina is an ideal opportunity for those who want to reach the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology: Electrical degree.

What the course provides is the essential framework for individuals who would like to take on a professional career in power generation and distribution, computer and consumer electronics, and communications, among many other related fields.

The course is designed for working adults who are in need of flexible schedules to earn their degrees.

It is a significant thing to know that summer labs will require face-to-face, hands-on experience.

This is a suitable program for students with associate degrees in applied science or a similar field of study who live in nearby states.

Tuition costs range from $9,700 to $37,400.

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Excelsior College

Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: Nanotechnology

If you choose to attend an Online Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: Nanotechnology course at Excelsior College, you will find out that this is definitely one of the best online programs that deal with nanotechnology.

Excelsior College also accepts transfer credits and the curriculum here includes fields such as nanoelectronics, micro-electromechanical systems, and nanofabrication manufacturing technology (NMT).

A good thing to know is the price for this 124-credit curriculum which is about $6,120.

Excelsior College is proud to be recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I know about the coursework for Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering?

In the majority of educational institutions, electrical engineering coursework is almost the same.

Only those with specific concentrations have kind of a different curriculum.

The activities that each Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering would need to deal with during the studies are math problems, physics, and developing analytical skills.

Fundamental courses such as chemistry and physics are obligatory, and they will also work on microprocessors, design and management, control systems, and digital hardware.

You can choose to have at-home hands-on laboratory work if you are studying online while some schools will require that you take this on-campus.

Q. Once the studies are finished, what jobs are Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering graduates going to have?

If you are one of those who have finished these studies, you should have in mind that jobs available for graduates of this course are numerous.

The graduation can make you start a career in aerospace, broadcast and sound technician, industrial engineer, and nuclear engineer.

Additionally, there is a chance of starting a writing or teaching career in an accredited institution.

Q. Is there a need for more Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering graduates nowadays?

It can be said that Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering is in high demand nowadays in California and it is estimated that the job outlook for them will grow at 7%.

This is all due to the rapid growth of technology and a constant need for a more qualified workforce.

Electrical engineers earn an average salary of $122,050 in Alaska and it is considered the highest paying state.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gathered information about our 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering for 2024 it is up to you to determine which one is the school that suits you best and we are sure that whichever of those the top-rated online academic institutions you choose, you will not make a mistake.

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