Top 20 Online Schools for a Bachelor’s in Education

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Becoming an educational professional is a great, noble, and brave career choice that can yield some amazing opportunities.

By working in education, you will selflessly be able to help a great number of people – you’re basically changing lives.

When they graduate, students will be able to seek the following job positions:

  • Guidance Counselor
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Educational Consultant
  • Juvenile Corrections Worker

If you want to work in this industry, then having a good education is a must.

Here are the best degree programs in the US.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

This university offers an online degree program in Early Childhood Education.

The tuition costs can range from $297 to $575 per credit.

The program requires 120 credit hours and it will provide students with a top-notch education thanks to the school’s extensive curriculum that includes a practicum.

The professors that teach their online courses are the same professors that teach such classes on-campus.

To enroll and graduate, students will have to pass an admission test, as well as specific qualifications.

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Ball State University

Ball State University has been successfully serving the community since the 90s.

Students who’d like to enroll in this university will have a lot of competition, as their programs are very popular and in-demand.

The university expects students to meet all their high standards in order to enroll.

Ball State University offers a degree program in Early Childhood Education that requires 120 credit hours.

There is also an accelerated option for students who’d like to graduate early.

The tuition costs are about $410 per credit and the university offers multiple financing options, including financial aid.

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Bellevue University

Bellevue University is another amazing educational institution that offers an online degree program in Adult Education.

The curriculum is very extensive and it focuses on improving one’s critical thinking skills, creating instructional materials, and instruction techniques.

Upon graduation, prospective education professionals will be able to work in the following industries:

  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Library Occupations
  • Education
  • Training Development

The tuition fees are $415 per credit hour.

The application for this program is rather easy and accessible:

  • Students should fill out an application form
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Pay a $50 admission fee
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Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers an online degree program in Education which consists of 40 classes, or seven and a half weeks per class.

There is also a fast-tracked option for individuals who’d like to graduate earlier, which can be worked out with the help of academic supervisors.

The curriculum focuses on the socio-political aspects of the community.

The school doesn’t provide a specific teacher certification program due to the fact that this area of expertise isn’t only limited to a classroom.

Namely, this profession can also benefit businesses, offices, and many other organization types.

The tuition costs can range from $520 to $720.

Arizona State University also offers multiple financing options for its online students, including financial aid.

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Indiana Wesleyan State University

Indiana Wesleyan University offers a comprehensive degree program in Early Childhood Education.

The course lasts for two years and requires 120 credit hours to complete.

Besides the major in Childhood Education, the school also offers a minor in Reading.

The curriculum will prepare students to become licensed educational professionals that can start working straight upon completion.

Another interesting fact is that they offer a non-licensure program.

The tuition costs are $384 per credit hours and the university also offers multiple financing options, including:

  • Loans
  • Scholarships
  • Housing Benefits
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Walden University

Walden University offers two different online degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Teacher Licensure)

Their curriculum is very flexible, yet comprehensive enough to prepare them for working in the real world.

By attending this program, students will become motivated, competent, and socially aware.

What makes this university stand out is the fact that they offer a 2-week risk-free test period to see what the program is like.

Tuition prices may vary depending on the selected course, but they average at $1,250 for a 3-month course.

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Grand Canyon University

At Grand Canyon University, they boast the fact what they are the leading university when it comes to teaching – both traditional and remote learning courses.

  • It offers the following majors:
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • Secondary Education

Grand Canyon University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The instructors are focused on producing highly-skilled education professionals that will be able to apply Christian values in their work and studies.

The faculty is very experienced and student-oriented, while the curriculum itself is very extensive and accessible.

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Liberty University

Liberty University offers a wide selection of degree programs, including both on-campus and online options.

Their online degree program in Education has the following majors:

  • Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies

The program has 120 credit hours and it takes about three and a half years to complete.

When it comes to enrollment, prospective students must meet all the requirements, select a financing plan, and wait for a confirmation.

The tuition costs average at $395 but can be reduced by opting to apply for scholarships, loans, or other financing options.

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Brenau University

For individuals who wouldn’t like to go to campus to study, Brenau University offers a fully online degree program in Early Childhood Education through their distance learning platform.

The fact that they offer distance learning is very convenient, making it much more accessible for individuals who have to balance work, family, and education.

Brenau University is a non-profit establishment, and over 85% of its students are currently receiving financial aid from multiple sources.

The program lasts for four years and it’s perfect for individuals who’d like to become highly-educated industry professionals.

Students will obtain new skills and learn various methods and techniques needed to perform their job properly.

This institution is very renowned, so you can’t go wrong with it.

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Regent University Online

Regent University’s schedule is very flexible, allowing students to balance their home lives with school easily.

This university offers the following degree programs:

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Degree in Professional Studies – Teacher Education

Both of these programs are online and have 120 credit hours.

When it comes to tuition, it ranges from $395 to $495 per credit hour.

This is another educational institution that follows Christian principles and incorporates it into the curriculum.

Another amazing thing about this school is the fact that it’s been awarded the Best Online School for Early Childhood education by the Successful Student organization.

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Regis University

Regis University offers initial licensure through their degree program in Elementary Education.

That license will let students start working straight upon graduation.

The program was specially designed for individuals who’d like to become educational professionals and teach grades K-6.

What’s also great about their program is the fact that prospective students don’t need to have any previous college-level education to enroll in this program.

The course has 120 credit hours, and it will teach students how to communicate, give them a deep insight into the educational system, humanities, and sciences.

The school encourages a holistic approach and will prepare students to be able to perform their jobs successfully straight upon completion.

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Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University has a wide variety of degree programs in the field of Education.

Students can choose between the following:

  • Elementary Education with a Special Education Minor
  • Early Education Unified
  • Elementary Education

Regardless of which major they choose, students will be required to take core subjects, professional education curriculum, pedagogical theory, and gain clinical experience.

Upon completion, prospective graduates will be fully ready to seek jobs in the field of early childhood education.

Students will be able to seek teaching positions from Kindergartens through sixth grade.

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Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University is a competitive educational institution that offers top-notch degree programs, some of the best in the country.

Among others, the school offers the following degree programs:

  • Early Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades Education
  • Special Education

ASU is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to get the best education and successfully seek career opportunities in the field of education.

The program lasts for up to three and a half years, with an option to be completed in two.

They have a strong focus on teaching students how to become proper leaders.

Also, students will gain a strong practical application experience, which will be of immense help for their future career endeavors.

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University of Nebraska - Kearney

This university is simply top-notch – it’s among the top ten best public universities in the area and the school is also continually praised for the quality of their online programs.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers a degree program in Early Childhood Inclusive Education, which combines student teaching with supervised school-based experiences.

Upon completion, students will be fully ready to become stellar child educators, from birth to eight years of age.

Students can major in different specialized courses – they can specialize in one, or both minor programs.

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California Baptist University

California Baptist University is a privately-owned educational institution that offers a wide variety of online programs.

The school focuses on a Christian-based approach to education.

Their offer an extensive degree program in Early Childhood Studies and students will be able to graduate in only sixteen months.

Graduates will be able to seek job opportunities immediately and will develop critical thinking skills.

Their online program was created to adequately prepare students for becoming stellar educational professionals under the K-12 programs.

Prospective graduates will become spiritual beacons of Christian ethics.

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Florida International University

Florida International University offers an online degree program in Early Childhood Education.

Here, students will get a chance to learn about the developmental process and different stages in the early childhood years.

The program focuses on cultural, social, and psychological foundations of education.

Students will learn about various methods of teaching, classroom management, and special needs of children and families.

The curriculum is very extensive, and it combines professional education courses with teaching methods.

Prospective graduates will be able to seek job opportunities in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Early Education
  • K-12 Programs
  • Child Development
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University of Missouri - Columbia

The University of Missouri is Missouri’s largest college and it offers both online and on-campus programs.

Their online degree program in College Education is a comprehensive course that has 120 credit hours.

The program will prepare students to work as adult educators.

Upon completion, prospective graduates will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to immediately start working in the real world and solve problems efficiently.

They will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Community Colleges
  • Workforce Development
  • Human Resource Management

However, prospective students should bear in mind that this degree program doesn’t qualify for a state license.

  • Students will learn about the following:
  • Occupational Analysis
  • Human Learning
  • Special Education
  • Psychology
  • Vocational Education for special-needs students

The program can be completed in three years and accepts up to 59 transfer credit hours.

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Prescott College

Prescott College is a multi-disciplinary educational establishment that focuses on hands-on, experiential learning.

They offer an online degree program in Education and Teacher Preparation, where students will get an abundance of career opportunities upon completion.

The curriculum is flexible and student-oriented and will allow students to obtain teaching credentials.

The program has 120 credit hours.

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Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University offers an amazing program that will allow students to work in early education.

They offer an online degree program in Elementary Education.

Students can expect to gain knowledge and skills to become successful educational professionals who inspire diversity and inclusion.

The teachers focus hands-on learning which is one of the best methods of gaining knowledge.

That means that prospective graduates will end up becoming highly-skilled teachers, advisors, counselors, or tutors.

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University of North Carolina - Wilmington

The University of Nebraska’s Wilmington branch offers an online degree program in K-6 Education.

The school uses its vast network of partners and collaborators – universities and public schools, so the students will get an opportunity to receive a top-notch teacher preparation.

The curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Instructional Design and Evaluation
  • Instructional Technology
  • Elementary School Practice
  • Psychological Foundations of Teaching

Students will also be able to choose the following specializations:

  • Science and Health
  • Math and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • International Studies
  • English as a Second Language

To graduate, students will have to complete methodological coursework which will help them with practicums and apprenticeships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Should I Choose to Obtain a Diploma in Education?

This degree will allow students to become teachers, which is a very satisfying career.

Educators, counselors, and advisors are in-demand, so students will be able to obtain jobs more easily.

Students will get all the necessary knowledge and skills to have an amazing teaching career using innovative and effective methods.

Q. Should the Degree Specialization Be Matched With the Subjects You'd Like to Teach?

Well, it would be a great advantage if the specialization matched the subjects you’d want to teach.

However, there’s always an option to go for the master’s degree, which will further help in cementing the knowledge and mastering the subjects better.

Q. How Long Do I have to Complete the Program?

The programs in Education can last anywhere from four to six years.

The time of completion may vary based on the selected educational institution, but most universities will allow students up to ten years to graduate.

There are many different reasons why one would prolong their education, including personal reasons, financial issues, time, etc.

The safe bet would be to finish it in no longer than ten years, so you’d avoid the risk of making your academic credits void.

Final Thoughts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the teaching industry is growing rapidly.

It is expected that, by 2024, there will be up to 1.9 million job openings for individuals who hold a degree in education.

However, besides being potentially lucrative, this industry is also very rewarding on a personal level.

It’s a big task because you will be changing and affecting other people’s lives, which is something not many people can brag about.

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