10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Economics

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If Economics is what interests you, then you are in the right place.

We have to offer a list of the best educational institutions which offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in Economics programs throughout which you will be able to explore the many facets of producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services.

The global economic trends emphasize the fact that economists and similar experts should acquire in-depth knowledge related to finance, business, and international trade.

Liberty University

Online B.S in Business Administration-Economics

Liberty University is proud to be providing distance learning since 1985.

Among so many online degrees to choose from its platform, students can choose to earn a B.S in Business Administration-Economics.

The period necessary for the completion of this online program is three and a half years on average depending on the student’s pace and devotion.

Students with prior learning experience can have credits transferred up to 75%.

This is a 120-credit hour degree and the courses are taught by experienced teachers coming from a Christian worldview background.

Students can also earn six credits by accomplishing an internship.

The tuition cost is $21,310 per year.

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Colorado State University

Online B.A. in Economics

Colorado State University has to offer a B.A. in Economics.

CSU is proud to provide some of the best education to students who will become able to analyze complex problems within the rapidly changing marketplace.

Students are required to have a minor tailored to their interests or professional goals.

When the minor choices are in question, students are allowed to choose among agricultural business, sociology, anthropology, political science, business administration, media studies, gerontology, and global and environmental sustainability.

Online instructors are those who teach on-campus.

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Penn State World Campus

Online Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Online Bachelor of Science in Economics

Penn State World Campus features two economics online degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Economics.

No matter which one you choose, you should know that they both consist of 120-credit hour coursework requiring students to finish a core curriculum prior to jumping to major core subjects.

Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy, Money and Banking, and Introduction to Econometrics are only some of the coursework.

If you belong to those students who want to understand social and consumer behavior, you can look into the Bachelor of Arts in Economics track.

On the other hand, those interested in in-depth analysis and numerical problem-solving can choose the Bachelor of Science in Economics route.

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Oregon State University

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

At Oregon State University, students will get two options to choose from.

These are Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Each course is a 180-credit hour program and students will get the opportunity to select from fields such as Managerial Economics and Law, Economics, and Policy.

Students interested in Managerial Economics may do well in graduate work or business, while law, economics, and policy are leaning towards advanced study in law and public policies.

If you possess a previous college learning experience or associate degree you may be eligible for transfer credits.

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Washington State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Economic Sciences-Business Economics

Washington State University offers an online degree platform for distance learners and adult professionals who want to learn at their own pace.

The Bachelor of Science in Economic Sciences-Business Economics program is designed so as to provide students with the ability to analyze, test, and apply the concepts and quantitative methods to the ever-changing global status.

There are two concentrations available: Commodity Marketing and Management.

Washington State University is proud to b acknowledged by the Northwest Company.

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Eastern Oregon University

Online Major in Economics Degree

Eastern Oregon University boasts the accreditation from NWCCU.

Eastern Oregon University’s major in Economics degree is offered to students who need flexible education and the program provides a superior learning experience through the online platform.

Depending on the person’s pace, students can finish this course within approximately two years.

This is a 121-credit hour program and curriculum topics touch on Principles of Microeconomics, History of Economic Thoughts, and Social Sciences Research Method among many others.

Through Whiteboard Lectures and Lecture Videos, students get an almost similar on-campus experience.

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Arizona State University

Online B.S in Economics-Liberal Arts and Sciences

Arizona State University, which is a high-ranking Economics school, also has to offer the ASU Online B.S in Economics-Liberal Arts.

What students will get here is an in-depth understanding of the microeconomic and macroeconomic theories and the application of these concepts in real-life situations which will enable them to reach success in their future profession.

Students will also get the same curriculum as that of W.P. Carey School of Business.

Still, they will get the chance of choosing their electives.

This coursework is designed for individuals who are more interested in the fields of political science and urban planning.

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Utah State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Economics (liberal arts-based) or Bachelor of Science in Economics (quantitative-based)

At Utah State University, students can take the Bachelor of Arts in Economics (liberal arts-based) or Bachelor of Science in Economics (quantitative-based) degrees.

These are both online 120-credit hours programs with topics covering aspects of intermediate macroeconomics, history of economics, mathematical concepts, finance, research, and methods among so many offered here.

There is a great opportunity for students to take a dual major in accounting by just adding 20-credit hours more to their requirements.

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Texas State University

Online BBA and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

The online Bachelor of Arts in Economics program is available at Texas State University.

Through this program, students will be prepared for a career that aligns with their field of interests.

This B.A degree is more suitable for graduates who want to pursue a career in the government, education, business, or take law.

Those seeking Economics as a major can choose either Business Economics (Global Economy) or mix and match according to their preference.

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East Tennessee State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance

There are four economics-related degrees at East Tennessee State University.

If a student decides to choose the online Bachelor of Arts in Economics coursework, he/she will focus on the International Commerce, and there is an additional requirement -students may need to learn a foreign language as part of the degree.

This 120-credit degree can be accomplished within four years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any educational requirements to earn a Bachelor’s in Economics?

Economists are people who can take advantage of numerous career options in the government, education, and business sectors.

The e-learning curriculums and eligible transfer credits give them the opportunity to earn the degree more quickly, but only if they meet the requirements.

They need to possess a high school diploma or equivalent so as to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s in Economics program.

Throughout the studies, students will get familiar with finance, business management, finance, econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and accounting and will be able to apply this knowledge in real-world settings.

Q. Can Bachelor’s in Economics distance students take advantage of a financial aid?

Yes, in the majority of schools financial aid is offered for interested enrollees if they meet the eligibility requirements.

This is available even to the distance learners.

Nevertheless, U.S citizen online degree students are likely to get support from the government through a student loan.

Just like with regular on-campus students, scholarships are available such as merit-based scholarships and fellowships for distance learners as well.

Student grants may also be available.

Q. How long is the education process which leads to earning a Bachelor’s in Economics degree?

On-campus students are able to accomplish this goal in four years.

But with online degrees due to the flexible time options and not so regular classes, this process can be longer.

It all depends on the time spent on achieving the requirements.

Students with previous learning credits may be eligible for accelerated programs which will require determination and consistency to earn your degree faster.

Final Thoughts

Pursuing an economics degree will help you start on the right path and with an online degree, you will get a chance to advance your career besides all the obligations you have as it gives you the flexibility and control over what you accomplish for the next two to four years.

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