15 Top Online Schools For Bachelor’s in Corrections

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The Criminal Justice System is a crucial part of everyone’s life and safety in this country, even though it’s often forgotten about.

Most of these programs aim to teach students about the system itself successfully, but also how to help former convicts to reintegrate into our society.

By choosing this route, you’re bound to help build a better future for the country and its people.

If you think this calling is perfect for you, then make sure to check out our list of top 15 schools for the Bachelors’ in Corrections.

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

This university offers a lot of amazing, serious courses while still maintaining the fun aspect of learning.

Students will get a chance to attend a well-rounded program that teaches them about the Criminal Justice System, its history, and its application.

But, most importantly, prospective students will learn about all the institutions that aid in keeping the country safe.

Upon completion of their courses, students will be able to use the knowledge they attained and apply it in the real world.

The university offers both a bachelor of science degree, as well as a master’s program.

The course requires 120 credits.

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Park University

Park University offers a Criminal Justice Administration program.

The program aims to teach students a systematic approach to criminal justice.

The curriculum is well-rounded and innovative, allowing students to learn quickly and efficiently.

Their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration is an online program that requires 120 credit hours.

Students will be able to choose to focus their studies towards one of the following:

  • Law enforcement
  • Security
  • Corrections

Park University’s program will cover all essential aspects of this field of expertise, including community corrections, probation, parole, procedures, etc.

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Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University’s Bachelor in Corrections and Juvenile Studies program is one of the best in the country.

The goal is to teach students to become trained professionals in the Corrections industry.

Their bachelor’s program is another fantastic online alternative to traditional in-class studying.

All communications with teachers and the staff can be handled via e-mails and online messaging apps.

The course lasts for eight weeks, and students will gain insight into the rehabilitation and other proven practices in criminal justice.

Upon completion, students will be fully able and capable to perform their prospective duties according to the highest standards.

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Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University has a dedicated Criminology and Criminal Justice Department.

This school is another excellent facility that offers online programs for students who aren’t able to take regular classes.

Their curriculum will successfully teach students how to become proficient corrections professionals.

Another benefit is the fact the university offers multiple study focal points, including law enforcement, probation, parole, legal studies, and juvenile corrections.

By attending this school, prospective students will get an option to join the police academy.

Their bachelor’s program requires 51 credit hours, and it is guaranteed to produce highly-skilled corrections professionals.

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Brandman University

Brandman University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program.

Unlike many others, this course sheds more light on the scientific side of criminal justice.

Students will get an opportunity to learn about criminal behavior in different social settings.

It focuses more on profiling famous criminals and deriving various conclusions about the psychological aspects of crime.

Students will get an option to choose between a BA or pursue a specialization in homeland security, victim advocacy, and corrections.

Upon completion, students will have attained a vast knowledge and a better understanding of how a criminal mind works.

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Regent University

Regent University has an outstanding program that teaches students about the criminal justice and corrections system.

The course will teach students about the Christian point of view when it comes to this field of expertise.

Their online program will teach students how to deal with the world of corrections, juvenile justices, and criminal procedures.

The program itself is focused on ethics and dissecting the American legal and justice system.

Regent University will accept up to 90 transfer credits from a previous educational institution.

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Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University offers a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

By attending this course, students will get a unique opportunity of becoming highly-skilled corrections professionals.

The school offers a couple different program focal points, including:

  • Homeland security & counterterrorism
  • Criminology
  • Police administrations & operations
  • Human services
  • Legal studies & advocacy

It’s a well-wounded program that will teach students the ins and outs of criminal justice, policies, laws, and regulations.

The university requires 120 credit hours for graduation.

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Lee University

Lee’s University is another amazing institution that prepares students for a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree.

The program sheds more light on the theoretic aspect of criminal justice, alongside the application of the laws and procedures.

It will teach students about crime and penalties and get them involved in community engagements.

Students will also get a chance to deepen their knowledge even further by offering research projects where they will analyze crime rates, frequency, and crime prevention.

Upon completion, students will have finished 120 credit hours with the required 15 hours of religious instruction.

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North Carolina Central University

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences has certified North Carolina Central University’s program.

By attending this course, students will get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the American Criminal Justice System.

Students will also get a chance to dissect and learn more about many different roles within government agencies, as well as the history that has created the current system.

Some courses are required, while others are optional.

Student can choose between:

  • Corrections
  • Computer forensics
  • Juvenile justice
  • Law enforcement

Upon graduation, students will become well-rounded corrections and criminal justice professionals that will be ready to become a part of the workforce almost instantly.

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Tiffin University

Tiffin University is one of the best, most well-rounded programs in the country that has created hundreds of successful criminal justice corrections professionals.

Here, students will get the chance to learn about safety, precautions, rehabilitation, and advocacy.

Tiffin University aims to teach students professional conduct in every applicable situation.

Students are taught to be kind, caring, professional, and capable.

The curriculum wants to show the importance of compassion and teach students about rehabilitation through community supervision and socialization.

The program follows an alternative approach method, different than what used to be taught in the past.

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Montana State University - Northern

Individuals who are unable to attend regular, in-class courses will have an opportunity to become industry professionals from the comfort of their own homes.

By attending this course, individuals will be able to work in the police force, juvenile corrections, or even homeland security.

By attending this course, students will get a well-rounded education and gain vast knowledge about the criminal justice system and corrections.

The program is offered through the school’s online Desire2Learn platform, and it has 33 credits of general education and 42-credit core courses.

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New England College

This school offers courses that are suitable for individuals that would like to partake and specialize in community-based corrections.

Upon completion, students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree, with an emphasis on institutional and community-based corrections.

Since the program is online, the enrollment dates are very flexible, and the curriculum is suited to follow your availability.

Students will learn how to assist individuals who are reentering the real world upon finishing their sentences.

They will do so through applying successful methodologies and techniques that aim to create a safe environment for former convicts willing to turn their lives around.

The program can be completed in four years.

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The University of Maine - Fort Kent

At Fort Kent, the University of Maine offers another outstanding public safety administration degree with multiple available specializations, including:

  • Corrections
  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security/Emergency Management
  • Game Warden
  • Forensics
  • Criminal Justice

Students who decide to focus on corrections and criminal justice will have an opportunity to become police officers, customs agents, border patrol agents, or corrections officers.

Besides the regular curriculum, students will be obliged to complete at least one internship before graduation.

Luckily, the school is partnered with many federal agencies such as the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, so student’s won’t have any issues finding a suitable internship option.

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Bemidji State University

At Bemidji State University, students will get a chance to earn a bachelor’s degree of science in criminal justice.

If they finish the program successfully, students would be able to eventually become a corrections officer, victimologists, or a part of the law enforcement and tribal justice.

The program itself lasts for about two years and requires at least 24 credits from a previous educational institution.

By fulfilling that condition, students will get an opportunity to partake in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Program and become Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.

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Adams State University

At Adams State University, the curriculum offers a more profound and meaningful approach to criminology.

Namely, students will be taught a unique sociological approach to this field of expertise.

Upon completion, students will have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Criminology  Emphasis.

Like some of the other schools on the lists, Adams State University also requires an internship and a minimum of 12 credit hours in one of the following areas:

  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • The Justice System
  • Criminology
  • Correctional System

The whole curriculum has about 120 credit hours in total.

The faculty also accepts transferable credits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Criminal Justice?

When we talk about Criminal Justice education, it includes analyzing and talking about the current Criminal Justice System, including the police force, corrections, courts, and much more.

The goal of such studies is to shed some light on the inner-workings of government agencies and the department itself.

Moreover, it aims to determine the current crime rate and other related statistics in order to improve it and create a safer environment for all U.S, residents.

Q. How long does it take to earn the Bachelor’s in Corrections degree?

That varies depending on the chosen educational institution.

It can take anywhere from two to four years, four years being the most common timeframe to graduate from one of these programs.

If you’re transferring credits from a previous school or university, that your journey might be shorter.

Q. Who is the Bachelor’s degree in Corrections program for?

This program is for students who want to learn about the current systems and discover ways on how to improve it.

It’s for individuals who want to understand the criminal mind and who desire to help former convicts integrate into the real word upon completion of their sentences.

Graduates will be fully capable of handling this dynamic and stressful environment by applying the techniques and knowledge they gained.

Corrections officers are a crucial part of the American Criminal Justice System, so this obligation should not be taken lightly.

Final Thoughts

If you decided to choose this field of work, we salute you.

Not many people are brave enough to take matters into their own hands and initiate the change within the current system.

Most of these schools also offer very flexible schedules, so they can be a great fit even for individuals who don’t have the time or the means to commute to class daily.

One thing’s for sure.

By becoming a professional in one of these fields, you are helping the country to build a better and safer future for everyone.

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