5 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Biology

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Online Bachelor of Biology programs is quite interesting to adults who are pursuing a degree but are not able to come to classes at the campus.

What they need to know is that some hybrid programs are designed so that some coursework, such as, lab and project assignments may need to be completed on-campus.



The University Of Florida, located in Gainesville, Fl has to offer an Online Bachelor Of Biology Degree Program.

The University of Florida has the main aim to prepare its students through teaching, research, and service while at the same time meeting their needs and interests.

That is why the degree you earn through an online program at UF is the same prestigious degree as the one earned on-campus.

The outstanding educational achievements at the University of Florida are possible thanks to extraordinary faculty members who are doing their best to provide interesting and cutting-edge online classes for their students.

UF offers their students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology through their online program which is so flexible that it allows students a broad approach to biology, but they have to bear in mind that this program is not designed for those entering the medical, dental or veterinary fields.

Each interested applicant must get acquainted with admission requirements prior to enrollment.

It will take about 30 minutes to complete your online application and you must submit your $37 application fee.

Furthermore, you will be asked to submit your high school GPA scores and your ACT/SAT scores.

All other school records and college prep class information is also required.

ACCREDITATION: Higher Learning Commission

TYPES OF AID: Grants, Scholarships, Student Employment Programs, Federal Direct Loan Programs, and various programs for active duty Military and Veterans.


Your distance learning program will be a rigorous one, but you will have the support you need.

The online coursework at the University of Florida is offered in two formats.

Asynchronous, meaning that you may access your classes at any time and synchronous, which requires that you attend an online class at a specific time and date.

The combination of learning methods will give you the opportunity to participate in class discussions with professors and fellow students and you will use the “e-Learning at UF” platform to attend a virtual classroom setting.

Once you earn your online Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Florida, you will be able to choose from a variety of career choices such as, in conservation biology, environmental and biotechnology law, science journalism, or bioscience management, just to name a few.

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Oregon State University, with its main campus In Corvallis, Or, boasts An Online Fisheries And Wildlife Sciences Degree Program.

At Oregon State University, the faculty staff has a primary goal to give their distance learning students the same quality education and resources for learning as those given at the campus.

So, the school’s exceptional faculty members who are innovative experienced researchers and true experts in their field train and educate their students to become professionals in this field.

The Oregon State Ecampus program allows you to earn an online Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Fisheries and Wildlife, whose main focus is on maintaining a balance between wildlife and their environments.

The coursework of this specialization consists of classes in ornithology, field sampling of fish and wildlife, and applied community and ecosystem ecology, among others.

Furthermore, OSU’s Department of Integrative Biology offers major and minor degree programs in Biology and in Zoology.

When admission requirements are in question prospective students must complete an online application, submit a $60 application fee, High School or GED equivalent transcripts, and ACT/SAT scores.

You can check your application status online after submission.

Being that Oregon State University staff is so devoted to creating convenient and flexible programs for their students, the success of their program is in the possibility of connecting with professors and fellow students through email or online discussion boards while attending classes in an asynchronous format.

Additionally, you will have access to career guidance counselors, a library, and free online tutoring if necessary.

ACCREDITATION: Higher Learning Commission

TYPES OF AID: Scholarships, Federal Grants and Loans, Veterans and Military Benefits, Private Loans.


Through Oregon State University’s online program, you will get all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a Fisheries or Wildlife Biologist, an Endangered Species Biologist, Zoologist or perhaps, a Hatchery Manager.

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Washburn University, in Topeka, KS, takes pride in an Online Bachelor Of Science Degree In Biology Program offered to distance learning students.

Since its foundation in 1865, Washburn University has been doing its best to provide its students with a high-quality education at an affordable price and they have managed to grow into a very attractive educational institution that meets the standards of modern education.

The Washburn University staff consists of exceptional professionals who are doctorate degree holders.

So as to make sure that students achieved educational goals, within most programs, students are encouraged to participate in internships and/or hands-on experience.

Washburn University, within over 200 academic programs also offers a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program both on-campus and online.

This program is ideal for individuals who have a curiosity about the world around them.

Upon graduation, you will be able to become motivate future scientists, public service personnel, educators, or researchers.

You are required to complete an online application, submit a $20 application fee, your High School or GED equivalent transcripts, and your ACT/SAT scores so as to meet the admission requirements.

Washburn University’s Online classes are considered asynchronous offering students a chance to finish their education anytime, from anywhere.

Assignment deadlines will be required and you will have access to the Information Technology Services if you wish to connect with your professors and classmates.

ACCREDITATION: Higher Learning Commission

TYPES OF AID: Federal Grants and Loans, Scholarships, Veterans and Military Benefits, Private Loans, Direct PLUS Loans.


Upon graduation from Washburn University’s online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program in Biology, you will achieve skills related to comprehension of biological principles, understanding of scientific methods and techniques, which will lead you to a successful new career.

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Excelsior College, situated in Albany, NY has designed an Online Natural Sciences In Biology Degree Program for adults who cannot attend on-campus classes.

The College was established in 1971, with the goal to provide exceptional educational opportunities to the adult learner and up to now, they have developed their online learning platform which suits distance learners and working adults.

The program is actually a combination of quality education and the convenience and flexibility.

Besides meeting the student’s needs for distance learning,  Excelsior College also offers this education at affordable tuition costs, which students find amazing.

Excelsior College welcomes all students and values the relationships between the students and their faculty.

At Excelsior College, those of you who are interested in a biology concentration can enroll in a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences.

It is good to know that the degree can be earned completely online and what is even better, if you have earned previous college credits or have other eligible forms of experience, you can use them to shorten your course time and minimize tuition costs.

Unlike the previous schools, the enrollment requirements for Excelsior College are a bit different.

Prospective students will need to create an account, through MyExcelsior and only then be able to complete an online application.

They will need to submit a $50 application fee, High School or GED equivalent transcripts and your ACT/SAT scores.

At the Excelsior College’s online platform, classes are delivered in an asynchronous format so as to be accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Students need to meet assignment deadlines and maintain a weekly posting requirement for online coursework.

You are required to have Microsoft Word and the majority of coursework will be accessible via the Blackboard learning system.

Furthermore, some coursework may be obtained through CD-ROM, and assignments can be submitted through fax if students have Internet access.

If you want to communicate with professors and fellow students you can do it through your virtual classroom.

ACCREDITATION: Higher Learning Commission

TYPES OF AID: Federal Grants and Loans, Scholarships, Veterans, and Military Benefits that provide reduced tuition.

ACCEPTANCE RATE: Least selective

Once students graduate from Excelsior College’s online Bachelor of Science degree program in Natural Sciences, with a concentration in biology, they can look for jobs in healthcare, energy, or environmental science.

With your degree, you will get the ability to advance in your current workplace or start a new and rewarding career.

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American Public University, located in Charles Town, WV features an Online Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Science Degree Program.

American Public University is well known as a leader in the distance learning community.

Considering the fact that American Public University focuses on the adult learner, mostly those within the military or public service communities, it is believed to be a perfect solution for an adult learner who is interested in making a difference through education.

You can choose from diverse online degree programs at an affordable price, and at this university, you can enjoy a diverse learning environment.

The freedom of speech for students, teachers, and the staff is emphasized.

If Biology is your chosen degree, the University has an innovative biology department that is there to offer students an exceptional education.

Their Bachelor of Science in Fish and Wildlife Management degree program is focused on conservation and our world’s well-being, dealing with important issues such as pollution, our natural resources, and hazardous materials, as well as, environmental policy and wildlife and fisheries management.

Throughout your studies, you will learn about public land management, water resource management, environmental and ecosystem management, along with, environmental policies, regulations, and law.

The online application process at APU takes about 15 – 25 minutes to complete.

A good thing to mention is that there is no application fee.

Once you submit your application, an Admissions Representative will assist you with the rest of the enrollment process.

At the American Public University, online classes are delivered in an asynchronous format, which means that you can access them anytime, from anywhere.

However, bear in mind that assignment deadlines will be required.

If you want to interact with fellow classmates and faculty staff, you can do that through online message boards, visual presentations, and videos.

Students find it great that they may access assignments, test scores, and messages at their convenience.

ACCREDITATION: Higher Learning Commission

TYPES OF AID: Federal Loans and Grants, Scholarships, Veterans and Military Tuition Assistance, Private Loans, and Employer Tuition Assistance.


American Public University’s students are ready for the work success as throughout the studies they will be prepared for a career as a Fishery and Wildlife Biologist, Environmental Scientist or perhaps, a Park Ranger.

Graduates can expect an exciting future in this biology concentration.

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Final Thoughts

A degree in biology can lead you to an interesting career path in medicine, wildlife, chemistry, microbiology, or ecology, among many other fields, and depending on your interests and chosen concentration, salaries ranging from between $70,000 to $100,000 annually might expect future graduates.

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