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Operations Manager Job Description

The operations manager is responsible for ensuring the flawless operation of the production departments involved in a project development process.

They work as a connection between departments.

They also work as coordinators directing a project through the production process entirely.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that the final results are excellent.

The Work of an Operations Manager

Operations managers should be dedicated and have the necessary experience to support a project at every step of the development process.

It can include supervision of the production process or performance of the teams.

operations manager work

Job Responsibilities of an Operations Manager

  • Support communication between various departments involved in the development of the project.
  • Analyze the process of development to identify problems that may affect the results and find appropriate solutions to be executed in a timely fashion.
  • Training the staff and department managers to eliminate the identified issues.
  • Ensure that the project is done according to requirements and all the objectives are achieved.
  • Serve as a link between the departments and management and report the state of a project to the management while developing the optimization plan.
  • Introducing new practices in the departments ensuring fast implementation and assimilation.
  • Providing a good leadership example for the staff and motivate them to meet their goals while identifying performance gaps in staff and adapting the recruitment process to avoid them in the future.
  • Develop plans for the production process that ensure that production targets and requirements are met.

Essential Skills

Professional skills:

Operations managers should be knowledgeable in the development process required for the successful completion of a project.

They should set a good example for the employees and managers, so they need excellent professional skills.


Leadership skills are essential for the coordination of various departments and the organization of their work.

Operations managers should motivate employees to grow and meet professional targets.


Since the operations managers are the link between the departments and management, they should be able to communicate the project state to managers and introduce their requirements to the departments.

So for the successful completion of the project, they must have excellent communication skills.


One of the most essential aspects of the job is that an operations manager has to help different departments work together to achieve the set goals.

So they have to introduce the idea that everyone is working towards a common goal.


Operations managers develop production plans for the departments, so they need to have exceptional planning skills.

They must foresee potential problems and develop methods to eliminate them.


Operations managers should be able to find efficient solutions for potential problems that can appear in the process.

So problem-solving skills are essential to carry out the responsibilities of this job.

How to Become an Operations Manager

Becoming and operations manager

An operations manager should be professional in their field.

Mostly, this position is filled by the employees who started at an entry-level position in a company and moved up their career.

So they have the first-hand experience in the departments they are overseeing.

Training and Qualifications

The qualifications required from an operations manager correspond with the main industry of a company.

For example, business operations managers need solid business credentials.

They also should have management experience to qualify for this position.

Thus, the construction operations manager should be proficient in the construction industry.

HR operations managers need a solid background and knowledge of human resources.

Generally, all operations managers need a degree in their professional area, management experience, and solid experience in the sector they will coordinate (for former entry-level, mid-level employees).

Working Experience

The position of an operations manager is suitable only for the candidates with extensive experience in their professional area.

Besides, they need management experience.

Therefore, recent graduates won’t be able to handle the work of an operations manager.

However, professional experience can be counted as qualifications for employment.

This position requires knowledge obtained at the entry-level, mid-level positions, so internship and project-based jobs can be a great benefit for the candidates.

Work Hours

The working hours of an operations manager are usually the standard corporate work hours.

However, the work schedule can be somewhat flexible in some parts.

If there’s an issue in the process of developing, the solutions must be found promptly.

Due to this, operations managers should be prepared to work some extra hours.

Operations manager schedule

Career Outlook

The operations manager job can relate to any industry, e.g., IT, Sales, Business, Construction, etc.

The annual median salary of an operations manager is $78,232.

So the work of an operations manager is rewarding both professionally and financially.

They have a chance to coordinate the development process of a project entirely.

Besides, it’s a great opportunity to gain additional management experience.

Senior operations managers can get promoted to upper management to the positions such as a regional or general manager.


The work of an operations manager requires extensive knowledge of the development process necessary for project completion.

The position can relate to various industries from business and IT to construction and manufacturing.

This position is highly rewarding professionally and financially.

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