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Nanny Job Description

In this article, we will explore the qualifications, skills, prospects, working hours and other details about the job of a nanny.

A nanny is a professional who takes care of one or more children on a daily basis.

Nannies are usually hired through agencies that do an extensive background check.

Typically, they handle more duties and have more experience than a standard babysitter.

They provide care at home and travel with children, accompanying them to school and taking care of them during vacations.

What Does a Nanny Do

Nannies usually work from the early mornings until parents come home from work.

They should get kids ready for school taking care of personal hygiene and dressing them.

Sometimes, they may be asked to prepare lunch for children and take them to school.

Some nannies are also responsible for light cleaning and other errands around the house before they pick up kids.

Nannies working with younger children who don’t go to school have to bathe them, clean, play with them, and take them to the appointments.

nanny job


  • Dress and bathe children.
  • Prepare food for kids to eat at home and away.
  • Take care of emergencies keeping the child safe until the arrival of help.
  • Organize daily schedules and track them, including the schedules of children and their parents.
  • Engage in simple activities with the kids.
  • Do light cleaning and other chores.
  • Perform simple tasks for employers.
  • Help kids clean up.
  • Help older children with their school assignments.
  • Prepare children for trips away from home.

Essential Skills

Time management:

The kids with whom nannies usually work take part in various activities at school or around the town.

Nannies need strong time management skills and should be able to get to appointments on time.

Attention to detail:

Nannies usually spend more time with kids than other adults.

So they need strong attention to detail.

They should be able to identify if kids are having any problems with interaction or show signs of delayed development or handicap.

Curriculum design:

Nannies need to know how to create curricula to teach children the skills they need at school.

They can help them with writing, reading, and other basic things.

How to Become a Nanny

Typically, nannies need only a high school diploma and some experience working with children.

To become an expert in the area, they need a degree in early childhood education and certification from a professional agency.

Certificates for childcare employees are issued by the National Association for Family Child Care and the Council for Professional Recognition.

Training and Qualifications

The minimal requirements for the nannies include a high school diploma, but many agencies prefer candidates who have an early childhood education degree.

You can obtain such a degree at a community college or a vocational school.

You don’t need a license to become a nanny in most states.

However, hiring agencies do a thorough background check of the candidates.

Nannies working in the private homes sector may be required to have a license.

They should pass a background check and provide medical reports that they received the immunizations.

They demonstrate that the nanny won’t pass any illnesses to kids.

There are a few organizations that issue certificates for professional nannies.

The requirements for obtaining the certification can be different, but mostly they involve passing an examination.

These certifications are valid for two to three years.

Some agencies may have their nannies to go through additional training in the field.


Getting a job with zero experience is extremely hard.

Those who hope to work in this field can gain experience while working with kids not being a nanny.

They can work as camp counselors, volunteer in various after-school programs, babysit kids, etc.

Agencies usually look for candidates who have experience working with kids in supervisory roles.

College students can also receive experience working with children.

Students in early childhood education programs are usually required to work in childcare centers.

Sometimes, fieldwork for credit courses is necessary too.

Working Hours

Nannies don’t have a set schedule due to various schedules of parents.

Some may work from 6 AM until 5 PM or later.

Others can work in the early morning and then in the afternoon with older kids.

Nannies that work for very busy parents may be asked to stay at home and take care of the children at night while parents work the second or third shift.

Nannies can have extra hours and may need to travel with the parents to take care of children on vacation.

Usually, parents provide a detailed schedule to the workers during the interview.

Career Outlook

In the US, the median salary for nannies is $24,476 annually which is about $14.54 an hour.

At some agencies, nannies have to call in when they start and finish work.

At others, workers themselves can track their hours through an app they can get on their phone.

There are typically no health care benefits or paid time off, but some agencies may provide that.

Nannies can work for an agency or on their own.

Those who work without an agency have to find clients themselves.

These nannies may work for a few families at a time for 10 or more hours a day.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for professional nannies will increase by 5%.

With the skills nannies gain, they can later work in childcare centers or become teachers.


Nannies are responsible for everyday care for children.

They can work with both young and older kids.

They can be employed with an agency or be self-employed.

Even though the salary isn’t high, they can move on to different positions such as teachers or other jobs involving work with kids.

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