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Brand Manager Job Description

In this article, you will find details about the role, qualifications, salary, responsibilities, and more of a brand manager.

The brand management area is suitable for those who are passionate about advertising and marketing.

Brand managers monitor the work of marketing teams and create the most efficient strategies to promote a product or person.

They have to manage the image of their client.

What Does a Brand Manager Do

A brand manager has a significant role in the marketing team.

They promote the image of a person or product in a relevant marketplace by managing their image.

For this, they use a wide range of strategies.

The average salary of a brand manager is $68,353 annually, based on the company and their experience.

The work can involve overtime and travel, but it’s a rewarding and stable job with fairly regular hours.

You don’t need a specific degree to become a brand manager, but it may take a few years to work your way up to the brand manager position.

The brand manager job requires leadership and research skills as well as creativity.

Further in this article, we will cover the work of a brand manager more detailed.

Brand Manager job

Responsibilities of a Brand Manager

  • Brainstorm and execute strategies for advertising.
  • Manage marketing and advertising budget.
  • Analyze the brand’s product pricing.
  • Create a strategy for online and offline promotional activities.
  • Maintain relations with advertising venues such as social media influencers.
  • Conduct research on the niche of a client to define the positioning of a product or person to succeed.
  • Expand the consumer base of a customer.
  • Create advertising concepts.

Fundamental Skills


Brand managers need excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Brand managers should research the customer base precisely to successfully reach out to that audience.


This is a management position, so it requires skills to manage and communicate with other members of the team successfully.

Brand managers should be good leaders and maintain relations with others.


Brand managers should be creative and able to come up with new, fresh and unheard-of marketing ideas.


To promote the brand, brand managers need to create a compelling story about the product or person to deliver to the audience.


Brand managers need to predict future trends and determine the challenges and benefits of a certain path.

Financial management:

Brand managers put together and maintain advertising and marketing budgets.

How to Become a Brand Manager

There are various ways on how you can become a brand manager.

While you don’t need specific degrees or qualifications, they can be of great help.

If you aim at this career but don’t have a relevant degree, you can start in an entry-level position or internship in marketing or publicity.

It will help you gain the experience required to move up to management positions.

Training and Qualifications

Often a brand manager needs to have a bachelor’s degree and some experience.

Unlikely you can get a job only with a degree, but it will certainly help.

To enter the marketing fields, one can earn a degree in PR, marketing, journalism, communications, or business.

However, it’s not mandatory.

Except for formal education, you can take other ways to earn the necessary credentials to become a brand manager.

The most common and useful way is the internship plus in-house training.

There are also professional development courses for those who work in an entry-level marketing positions.

Except for the experience in the industry, no other specific training is required.


A position of a brand manager requires a few years of experience in marketing.

A brand manager is mid- to a high-level position that deals with the management of other employees of a marketing team.

Therefore, work experience is the most significant requirement for the managers.

Typically, you are required to have a minimum of three years of experience in the field.

People with prior experience in the junior marketing positions who benefited from the growth opportunities can be a good fit for the position of a brand manager.

Working Hours

Brand managers are usually employed by a specific company.

They deal with maintaining and broadening the customer base, so they are responsible for a great deal of their client’s success.

Therefore, there is a lot of responsibility in this position, and overtime work can be often involved for the achievement of positive results.

Some managers are employed with advertising consulting companies and work with various clients and projects.

Regardless of the setting, brand managers mostly work in an office, but they may be required to travel for meetings and events.

The typical hours of brand managers are 9 to 5 and may involve overtime.

Career Outlook and Opportunities

The career of a brand manager can be rewarding and stable.

The average salary is at $68,353 per year.

There are some benefits such as paid-for travel and corporate discounts.

With higher proficiency or working for a company with a more profitable product, you can potentially earn a higher salary.

Career growth includes advancing to the management of high-profile brands.

It will bring you higher recognition and income, as well as more perks.

On the other hand, highly experienced brand managers can launch their own businesses.

The digital market changes all the time, so brand managers should stay updated with the latest marketing avenues and trends to remain in demand.

The employment rate is supposed to grow by 9% until 2024, and this rate is faster than the average nationwide.


Brand management isn’t an easy task, but for the right person, it can be a highly rewarding job.

While companies seek to increase their profits, a brand management professional will remain in demand.

This makes this career a great investment.

The right way to start a career in brand management and determine whether it’s a good fit for you is getting a related college degree or enrolling in the internship in marketing.

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