Why Crane Schools Are Definitely Worth Your Time

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Why Crane Schools Are Definitely Worth Your Time

Construction projects require a whole variety of heavy machinery that should be handled by people with proper training.

If not, it may lead to numerous problems including dangerous and even hazardous situations.

Cranes are the most widely used pieces of heavy equipment, so they are a good focus for heavy equipment operators.

These machines are used to move and lift various heavy objects and required during the construction of high buildings and big civil projects.

Cranes can be mounted on vehicles so they can move around or just fixed to the ground.

There are numerous types of cranes but mobile ones are the most widely used.

The reason is their mobility and flexibility.

Because of the growing demand for qualified crane operators, numerous schools offer training courses for these specialists.

The aim of these programs is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for operating cranes and preserving safety in the working environment.

If you want to join a crane school, below there is useful info about these educational facilities.

Why Attend Crane School

According to the data, the number of job offers for crane and tower operators will increase significantly.

You can expect more than 1000 new jobs in the sphere next year.

Considering growing demand, the popularity of training programs that provide students with knowledge and skills in the sphere increases as well.

Good schools offer training programs that include lots of practical training.

It means that after completing it, you can be a more productive worker that follows safety rules properly.

Also, you need to know that according to the latest changes, OSHA requires all crane operators around the country to get certified.

This requirement aims to ensure that all workers in the sphere are qualified, experienced, and proficient workers.

In such a way, it becomes possible to reduce the possibility of accidents and increase the quality of completed projects.


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If you want to pursue a career as a crane operator and work in the construction sphere, you need to apply for a training program offered by a crane school.

First of all, after getting certified, you can be more confident about your skills and knowledge.

Working with heavy machinery including cranes involves huge responsibility as you should be able to guarantee safety on the site.

In other words, it is important to have as much experience as possible.

Crane accidents may happen because of numerous reasons such as mechanical failure, assembler negligence, and often a lack of operator knowledge.

To avoid these accidents you need not only to have lots of training but also know the latest safety rules and requirements.

Of course, there are accidents that cannot be avoided but they are very rare while your skillfulness can let you avoid a bunch of other issues.

Finally, as a certified crane operator, you can expect better career options.

The reason is that the certification can increase your potential employer confidence in your skills.

It is clear that the certification will for sure advance your resume.

As a certified crane operator, you have more chances to get a good job faster and easier.

Course Overview

Crane operator courses may differ from one school to another but the essential points are all the same for each program.

During their training, students should learn important theoretical aspects and complete enough practical training.

The first point you are going to learn as a crane operator course student is the essentials of this career as well as its importance.

It is an important point as students should be disciplined, dedicated, and serious about their future job.

As safety is one other very important point, students also learn safety requirements and rules in the sphere.

Also, a good program should contain plenty of practical training.

Students need to have a bunch of on-site classes where they can operate real equipment and perform various tasks.

During these classes, students have an opportunity to handle cranes under the supervision of qualified specialists.

In such a way, students can get comfortable with the equipment and familiar with the specifics of this job.

After completing their training, students can pass the certification exam.

It aims to evaluate their knowledge and skills and reveal whether students are ready for work in a real environment.

Course Outcome

Applying for a specialized training course, you’ll learn to set up cranes, pick, swing, and place heavy items.

Also, you can learn how to handle cranes according to the exciting safety standards.

After completing your training, you’ll be able to deal with different operational aids and safety devices.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to reveal and evaluate the conditions of the site you are working.

It is necessary to find any signs that indicate possible hazards so you can consider them while operating the equipment.

Communication skills are very important for qualified crane operators.

These specialists use radio and hand signals to communicate with each other and you need to know how to use and read them.

Finally, during your training, you’ll learn how to behave properly in various stressful and challenging situations.

NCCCO Certification

After completing an accredited program, you can sit for the certification exam held by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators’ (NCCCO) Certification of Crane Operator.

NCCCO is a non-profit organization that is responsible for crane operators’ certification and related issues.

This is the most recognized accreditation in the sphere that proves your proficiency and qualification.

It means that you need to make sure that your training course is accredited by the NCCCO.

There are general crane operator courses that can grant you several NCCCO certification.

Also, you can apply for a specific crane operator program and get one NCCCO certification for a specific type of cranes.

Keep in mind that to get your NCCCO certification, you need to pass the test that is held by an approved testing facility.

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