How Much Does Nursing Assistant School Cost?

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$ Low: On-The-Job Training Can Be Free $ $ Medium: 6-12 Week Programs Can Cost $200-$350 $ $ $ High: Vocational Schools Can Run $825-$1,200

Nursing assistants do their jobs under the supervision of a nurse and in general help patients with daily living tasks such as bathing, feeding, and grooming, take temperatures and blood pressure.

Home health aides work in patients’ homes, the remaining work in hospitals or nursing homes.

Their training varies by state but usually includes approx. 80 hours of class and 40 hours in a clinical setting.

Not all states require a license for home care, however, all assistants working in nursing homes need to be licensed by the federal government.

On the job training is available, yet employers prefer students who have completed a training and have passed a certification exam.

Typical Costs

  • The hospitals usually offer on-the-job training for nursing assistants at no cost and information for the training programs is available at the local area hospitals.
  • A 6-12 week nursing/home health aide program through a community college costs approx. $200-$350.
  • At the same time, a high school diploma or GED certificate is required for admittance. Santa
  • For example, Rosa Junior College in California secures a 10-week course including 289 hours of lecture, a skills lab and clinical practice at a skilled nursing facility for about $200.
  • Suitable nursing Assistant programs are also available at vocational schools and online.
  • The American Red Cross, for example, offers the course for $825, while St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School charges around $1,200.

What Is Included

Preparation for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam.

Additional Costs

  • The exam fees vary by state and are between $50-$270, while the practice tests designed to help students prepare for the test may be found online.
  • The books and supplies needed cost $50-$100, based on the school and whether books are purchased new or used.
  • A current First Aid and CPR course is required and costs about $50.
  • The American Heart Association maintains a list of courses by state.
  • The cost of the approved uniforms is on average $30-$45.
  • Fingerprint services when completely separately from exam fees run about $35.
  • Further, are needed a tuberculosis test and physical exam and could be completed for no cost at a public health clinic or around $150 at a doctor’s office, depending on the insurance benefits.

Shopping For Nursing Assistant School

  • Try the local community college for program information.
  • All Allied Health Schools keeps a list of programs by state.

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