The Best Rotary Tools for 2024

Best Rotary Tools - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

No matter whether it will be used for small DIY project or some major and more demanding tasks, a rotary tool is extremely useful to have in your house.

It enables you to do sanding, cutting, polishing and more additional task in case your tool comes with a few attachments.

Not only is the tool versatile, compact and works at high speed, but is also very easy to use.

Now, you are wondering what the best rotary tool is that you can get.

The next step you should take is to explore the market and take a look at other user’s positive and negative reviews.

As this research would take a lot of time, we decided to help you by offering you a list of the best rotary tool in combination with its advantages and disadvantages.

So, you can save time and effort and successfully chose which rotary tool is the most convenient for your needs.

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Top Rated Rotary Tools

Model Rating Buy Now
Dremel 4000-6/50 Rotary ToolDremel 4000-6/50 Rotary Tool
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DeWalt DW660DeWalt DW660
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Dremel 4200-8/64 Rotary ToolDremel 4200-8/64 Rotary Tool
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Hitachi GP10DL Rotary-ToolHitachi GP10DL Rotary-Tool
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WEN 2307 Rotary-ToolWEN 2307 Rotary-Tool
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5 Best Rotary Tools Reviewed

#1. Dremel 4000-6/50 Rotary Tool

Top Pick
Dremel 4000-6/50 Rotary Tool
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The model that deserves the first position is definitely the Dremel 4000.

Not only is it a high-performance rotary tool, but it also has accessories for every application that you can imagine.

It offers you the chance to do everything, from carving to cleaning, sharpening and sanding.

Its amazing features include the 1.6 amp motor producing speeds between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM with auto adjustment of the power and speed.

That way you get greater precision and control.

As there are numerous accessories, the changing of them is quick and easy due to the integrated nose cap wrench which simply twists.

The Dremel 4000 is compatible with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and attachments.

When it comes to comfort, producers have also thought about this, so they made a tool with a slim and ergonomic body with excellent grip.

And, when we take into consideration that this tool kit comes with 50 accessories and 6 attachments we can say that there is no better rotary tool when it comes to versatility.

If we speak about the weaknesses, there were a few comments on motors burning out and switches failing but this cannot diminish the quality of this unit.

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  • Performance
  • Amazing accessories
  • Price


  • A few complaints on motor and switch faults
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#2. DeWalt DW660

DeWalt DW660
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DeWalt thought about everything, as with every tool, and did its best to make the most efficient rotary tool possible.

The durable and compact design of the DeWalt DW660 is excellent when it comes to its usage in unreachable places.

The great feature of this model is the 5.0 Amp motor with its max speed of 30,000 RPM.

This is a huge power when cutting.

Its weight is only 3.2 lbs and it has the slim body design, making it an ideal tool for long hours of work, as it would not cause too much fatigue of your hands.

While you are working, the dust can enter the switches and that can cause problems.

However, with the DeWalt DW660 that would not be the case due to the dust-sealed switches.

You will not have trouble when changing bits, as it is designed to be fast with the tool-free bit change.

The reason why it is highly positioned on the list is the fact that the DW660 is the best rotary tool for the money, has excellent cutting ability, durability and a powerful motor. The only disadvantage is that the motor is too powerful, thus harder to be controlled.

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  • Durability
  • Power
  • Excellent for cutting


  • Hard to control
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#3. Dremel 4200-8/64 Rotary Tool

Dremel 4200-8/64 Rotary Tool
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A rotary tool that offers great number of attachments and accessories is definitely the Dremel 4200-8/64.

77 pieces that come with this tool are surely worthy of your consideration.

You get a sturdy metal case so that you do not lose or damage the accessories.

When we speak about its outstanding features we cannot but mention the patented, tool integrated EZ change mechanism.

It makes changing accessories quick and convenient, without a wrench.

This mechanism sometimes struggles to hold the bits that have been attached, which was noticed by some of the users.

The Dremel 4200 has consistent performance, its motor is 1.6 Amp and variable speed allows for better overall control.

Its weight is 11.4 lbs due to the sturdy construction, so it is not among the lightest of the units available.

The comfort is achieved by an excellent grip all around the handle and an ergonomic design.

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  • Accessories
  • Ergonomic design


  • EZ change mechanism
  • Weight
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#4. Hitachi GP10DL Rotary-Tool

Hitachi GP10DL Rotary-Tool
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Two most important features of a rotary tool that Hitachi emphasizes is the comfort and control.

That is why they have created the Hitachi GP10DL model.

When it comes to comfort, it is achieved by the slim soft grip handle which will reduce hand fatigue.

Furthermore, the anti-vibration system also delivers comfort, as well as a greater degree of control.

The best of all the features of this model is the battery, being that the tool is powered by a 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, so that a prolonged usage and a very steady level of power is achieved.

The battery is light, so the overall weight of the Hitachi GP10DL is just 1.1 pounds, making it ideal for long hours work.

There is a variable speed dial which allows anything from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM.

The unit has a built-in LED light in case you work in dark areas.

As it is on the fourth place, there have to be some disadvantages.

One of the few disadvantages of the GP10DL has bad quality attachments.

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  • Battery
  • Light


  • Bad quality attachments
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#5. WEN 2307 Rotary-Tool

WEN 2307 Rotary-Tool
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.Even though it is the last one on our list, The Wen 2305 is the number 1 best seller on Amazon.

This is a versatile rotary tool which can be used for many operations such as cutting, sanding, polishing and more.

It comes with the amazing 100-piece accessory set.

The Wen 2305 has a variable speed of 8,000 to 30,000 RPM which is easily adjustable.

It is not heavy, weighting 3.5 lbs making the long hours job easier to handle.

However, it is not the lightest of rotary tools on the market.

Another great thing about this rotary tool is that it is affordable and offers good quality for the money.

Besides the huge number of accessories and attachments available, we have to mention that they are not of the highest quality.

Some of the drawbacks are that the unit is getting too hot and sometimes overheats.

This is a tool for those people who are on the budget and cannot afford buying the more quality one.

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  • Solid quality
  • Variable speed dial


  • Strong vibration
  • Occasional overheating
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Rotary Tools: The Ultimate Buying Guide

We have offered you a description of top 5 rotary tools on the market, but if you are still not sure which model is the best for you, you should take a look at the following guide and gather more useful information.

Rotary tool

What types of rotary tools are available?

Electric Rotary Tools – With an electric rotary tool you do not need to worry about power running out. Being that the majority of good rotary tools come with a nice long cord, you will be able to connect it to a power source without much trouble. The working hours are unlimited. Furthermore, the electric rotary tools allow you to work on a heavy-duty project as you will not drain the battery. Last, but not the least, these types of  rotary tools are lighter so your hand and arm fatigue would be reduced.

Cordless Rotary Tools – As its name suggests, a cordless rotary tool comes without a cord making it portable. This type of tool is designed for small, quick jobs, and it is doing it quicker than the electric one. However, they are heavier and you have to charge the battery regularly.

What can a rotary tool be used for?

Cutting – the first possible use of a rotary tool that comes into our minds is cutting. This unit allows you to cut anything from drywall to tiles without much effort. Furthermore, you can cut using either a wheel or a straight bit. Cut-off wheels can be used for metal, wood, and plastics.

Carving – Carving and engraving are also done using this tool. With a good rotary tool you can easily do a decorative design on a table. There are rotary tools which come with carving and engraving kits, while there are those that require that you buy the kits separately.

Sanding – Make sure not to use a rotary tool to sand a large surface, as they are designed only for small details on wood and metal. The interesting usage of the sanding feature is related to animals, as some users use the tool to trim down their dog’s nails. Sanding and grinding kits typically come with the tool.

Cleaning – The usage of a rotary tool creates mess, but you should have in mind that rotary tools can also do some cleaning. As they come with tiny wire brush bits, you can clean and polish your tools and even jewelry. This is a great tool for unreachable areas where cleanser cannot do the job.

Grout removal – Rotary tools usually come with a grout removal kit. This is used to remove wall and floor grout. However, you need to have a very powerful and quality rotary tool to do this with an adjustable design for controlled cutting.

Portability –  If this is the most important factor for you, a cordless rotary tool is the only solution. This kind of tools are easily moved around and a long cord that is connected to a power outlet would not cause you trouble. What you have to have in mind is that cordless rotary tools are heavier and are not suitable for long hours work. Furthermore, charging a cordless rotary tool is obligatory and has to be done regularly. The power of the cordless unit is lower than the electric one. So, it is advised to think about how often you will use it and whether it will be on heavy projects before deciding which one to buy.

Type of work – As with every tool, type of work determines how powerful it should be and which features it should possess. Professionals who use a rotary tool daily should definitely consider buying an electric rotary tool, as it is a tool of unlimited high power and can be used for a wide range of applications. On the other hand, cordless and less powerful rotary tools are good for those who would do DIY jobs around the house. So, the type of work would determine the necessary power of your tool.

Ease of use – When this feature is in question, the majority of rotary tools is easy to use. This is reflected in the changing of its accessories and attachments. There are rotary tools whose attachments are difficult to change up. If we think about the cordless and electric rotary tools, it can be said that the cordless rotary tool does not have a long cable which makes it portable and easier to use, while the electric rotary tool tends to be lighter. Ergonomic design for comfortable grip can also be of great importance for those working long hours with this tool. Finally, finding the unit which vibrates less than other models is an advantage as it would not cause hand fatigue.

Attachments – People would think – the more attachments it has, the better tool it is, but that is not always the case. There are tools which come with a variety of attachments included, but they are not of good quality. You might not need 100 attachments for the tasks you are planning to do. It is possible to buy separate kits of attachments if necessary. What should be included are cutting wheels, sanding pads and saw attachments. The quality of attachments is best described by people who have already used the tool. Some attachments can be flimsy and unreliable, which should also be taken into consideration.

Price – The quality of your device depends on how much you are ready to pay for it. Being that there is a range of quality rotary tools designed for different budgets, you can easily avoid those too expensive ones. As with every product, those tools made by popular brands are pricier, but of higher quality. If you do not mind whether your rotary tool has DeWalt or Dremel brand name written on it, you can find satisfactory and cheaper tools, as well.

Rotary tool


As rotary tools come with different characteristics and accessories, there are many things to consider when choosing which rotary tool would best suit your needs.

This highly depends on the type of work you are planning to do with it to portability and comfortability, as well as the price you are ready to pay.

So, we have gone through all the possible factors that can help you find the right rotary tool.

Make sure not to waste your money on a tool which will be in line with your budget, but would not be of high quality.

It is suggested to postpone the purchase until you gather enough money for a better quality one.

There are also many rotary tools to choose from, and choosing a famous brand can be considered a vise pick.

We hope that you have benefits from the information we provided and we wish that you never regret your purchase.

I hope you liked my article about Rotary Tools, if so, please share or comment.

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