The Best Portable Workbenches for 2024

Best Portable Workbenches - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

In the past, portable workbenches used to weigh a lot causing the portability to be quite an issue.

On the other hand, they were not able to handle that much weight themselves which caused another types of problems.

However, manufacturers invested a lot of time and effort to make modern models which are lighter and stronger.

They need to be light in order to be portable, as the name suggests.

Now, if you are buying a portable workbench for the first time, we are offering you a detailed guide with all the advantages and disadvantages of top five models currently available on the market.

As manufacturers tend to advertise features that are not useful so as to cover the downfalls, we went through the reviews of both satisfied and dissatisfied users when making this list.

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Top Rated Portable Workbenches

Model Rating Buy Now
Kreg KWS1000 Folding Portable WorkbenchKreg KWS1000 Folding Portable Workbench
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WORX Pegasus WX051 Portable Work BenchWORX Pegasus WX051 Portable Work Bench
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Keter Folding Portable WorkbenchKeter Folding Portable Workbench
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BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate Portable Work-BenchBLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate Portable Work-Bench
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Goplus Portable Folding Workbench 11AAGoplus Portable Folding Workbench 11AA
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Portable Workbenches Reviewed

#1. Kreg KWS1000 Folding Portable Workbench

Top Pick
Kreg KWS1000 Folding Portable Workbench
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The rightfully deserved first place is given to the Kreg KWS1000 Folding Workbench.

This is a workbench ideal for those who are looking for a durable, portable workbench which can handle quite a high weight and beating.

The features that make it great are quick and easy folding, resulting in easy moving around the workplace, as well as multiple configurations.

These configurations are there to make the workbench be used as a sawhorse, or you can add a second unit and create a very large workbench.

Additionally, there are built-in storage trays where you can put your hardware and carry them.

The value of this workbench is greater due to the clamp and bench dogs included.

These are designed to make easier holding wood in place during a cut.

When it comes to disadvantages, the only one is the fact that it weighs around 40 pounds.

This is too heavy and it is difficult to move it, but this is due to a clear case where the manufacturer added strength so that the workbench is long-lasting.

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  • Great folding
  • Multiple configurations
  • Storage trays
  • Clamp
  • Bench dogs


  • Weight
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#2. WORX Pegasus WX051 Portable Work Bench

WORX Pegasus WX051 Portable Work Bench
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The great runner-up is the WORX Pegasus WX051.

This is a good choice being that the table is quiet similar to the previous model, but much lighter.

This model weighs about 30 pounds, making it easily carried around the workplace.

When we speak about the similarities with the previous model, we have to mention that it can be used in multiple different configurations as well, including as a regular table or as a sawhorse.

Its sturdiness is great as the bench can hold up to 300 pounds in table mode, or 1,000 pounds in its sawhorse configuration.

There are two built-in clamps, and some bench dogs to help holding the pieces well.

The drawbacks make this unit less excellent than the top pick.

The tabletop is plastic, meaning that it can shake if there is too much pressure on it.

If you are planning to do much clamping, you may want to choose a different model.

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  • Multiple configurations
  • Clamps and bench dogs
  • Heavy


  • Surface flexes
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#3. Keter Folding Portable Workbench

Keter Folding Portable Workbench
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The Keter Folding Workbench 197283 is an affordable workbench which can be bought by the majority of people without worrying about the quality.

Being that it supports up to 1000 pounds, it is the sturdiest portable workbench on the market.

Additionally, when you fold it, you get the smallest form of any of our selected models.

There is a carrying handle on it which is great feature for a portable device.

Other great features are that it comes with two clamps holding the pieces secure while you are working on and all this is available to you at a great price.

Even its overall durability is considered great.

Now, you are wondering what is wrong with this bench that caused it not to be our top pick.

The handle has failed and given that it only weighs 30 pounds that is a problem.

However, this is still a good choice for those looking for a deal.

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  • Supports up to 1000 pounds
  • Easy folding
  • Two clamps
  • Affordable


  • Lacks durability
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#4. BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate Portable Work-Bench

BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate Portable Work-Bench
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As there are good deals meaning that you get a good value for not so much money, it is difficult to make a right choice.

The forth model on our list is the BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate 125 which boasts a wooden top and steel frame.

These features are amazing as they make the bench hold up well to most kinds of use and abuse.

It weight is less than 20 pounds, so it is the greatest option when the portability is in question.

The folding is easy, making it ideal for transport or you can even mount it on the wall when you are not using it.

So, storing is not the problem with this model.

Being that it is quite cheaper than the precious models, there have to be disadvantages of this bench as well.

We have to mention that its work surface is a bit on the small side and its maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds.

This means that its potential is lower than with other tools in this category.

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  • Weight
  • Folding
  • Steel frame
  • Bargain


  • Size
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#5. Goplus Portable Folding Workbench 11AA

Goplus Portable Folding Workbench 11AA
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The last one, but also worth mentioning is the Goplus Folding Work Bench 11AA.

It is a traditional-style portable workbench, which is not only very inexpensive, but surprisingly has some unique features.

This model boasts a ruler down one side of the table, four bench dogs and 24 different pre-drilled holes for placing them.

Besides these advantages, we have to say that there are reasons why this model is on the last position.

There are quality control problems and users claim that the holes for the bench dogs are not always properly drilled.

These causes that the bench dogs do not fit the holes and are not held tightly.

Sturdiness is also questionable so it is only useful for lighter tools and woods put on top of it.

Additional problem is its stability, and unstable workbenches can cause you make small mistakes that result in the final pieces not fitting together correctly.

If you are looking for a worry-free experience, then we suggest avoiding this model.

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  • Affordable
  • Has a ruler
  • Includes bench dogs


  • Stability
  • Poor quality
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Portable Workbenches: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As you are reading this, you probably have certain ideas related to workbenches that you are looking for and we think that these additional details related to the key features of portable workbenches would be of great benefit to you when making you decision which one to purchase.

After reading our buyer’s guide, we are sure that you will get the answers to all the questions that you were concerned about.Workbench

How important is the sturdiness?

The sturdiness of the workbench is very significant factor to be considered when buying it.

It can affect the portability of the bench, so the good question is how much sturdiness you need which will satisfy your work requirements and at the same time will not be so heavy.

There are models of portable workbenches with either steel frames and durable plastic tops or from aluminum and lower-quality plastic.

Some models are also made from steel and wood.

You should know that steel frames are the sturdiest ones, and they will not shake while you work.

Plastic table tops are lighter and ad durable as the wooden ones, but not so comfortable.

Additionally, there are models which feature webbing underneath.

This is designed to adds strength without adding a lot of weight.

What about portability?

As its name suggests, this device should be portable.

Now, portability can be a feature of both heavy and light workbenches, but the aim of the manufacturers is to create a device as portable as possible.

The portability is highly affected by weight.

The heaviest model weighs 40 pounds, while the lightest is less than 20 pounds.

So, numerous options are available on the market, but have in mind that those models which are lighter are usually more expensive.

Now, here comes the doubt.

You know that the sturdiest models can support more weight but are usually heavier than those that are less sturdy and support less weight.

Now you are probably wondering how to determine which to buy.

Weight is not the only factor when portability is in question.

Folding of the workbench would make a huge difference in how easy it is to move. Some models fold down flat while others come with handles so that they can be easily carried around.

So, all these factors should be on your mind prior to making a decision.Portable workbench

Should I pay attention to the maximum weight?

This feature is very important to be considered when you chose a good enough portable workbench.

You should get familiar with the fact how much weight a table can support and compare it to the work you are planning to do.

There are models which can support 1,000 pounds, while the majority of models support 400 pounds.

The weight that it can support affects a lot what you can do with the workbench.

In case you have the one that supports only 400 pounds and you have a project which requires stronger workbench, you will not be able to do the job.

If you happen to be in this kind of situation where you will need a workbench that supports more you will realize that investing in the stronger one could have been a wise choice.

As homeowners are interested in the portable workbenches, they do not have to worry about that as extra support is not necessary to them.

Using the portable workbench at home does not require strong benches.

What clamping options are available?

When the clamping options are in question, you should pay attention to the fact that not all workbenches come with clamps, as well as with bench dogs.

These additional features are very significant to those who are planning to do a lot of cutting using the workbench.

Clamps and bench dogs give you the ability to clamp wood down before you cut and enable you to make a high-quality cut.

Furthermore, you have to think about the kinds of clamps and bench dogs that are included within the workbench.

Some can be of high-quality, but there can be some with poor quality which can destroy your  work.

What users find bad is that they cannot use their own clamps with a given workbench. Due to the plastic webbing on the bottom of most plastic tabletops, you cannot add an aftermarket clamp, or if you do that, you can damage your workbench.

That is why a workbench with a wooden top is a better solution.

How can I determine which model is the right for me?

As you can see, we selected the best five portable benches for you, but there are a lot of other models available which you might want to take a look at.

However, we assure you that if you chose one of those mentioned, you will not regret purchasing it.

This would be possible only if you go through all features and models and chose the one that is in line with your work.

Those who have already worked on some workbenches know exactly which features they expect that their next portable workbench has.

In order to narrow down the models, you should avoid those units which possess the features that you do not need and move on to those which best suit your work.

All the remaining models will be good buys, and you can even take into consideration the cheapest one on the list if it has all the features you need.


As we have already said, the best of the best models is definitely the Kreg KWS1000 Folding Workbench

It is true that it is a little bit on the heavy side, but it boasts easy folding, multiple configurations, and built-in storage.

Another great choice is the WORX Pegasus WX051.

It weighs less and includes clamps and bench dogs, while its plastic surface makes it less durable and strong.

The Keter Folding Workbench 197283 has amazing features as it can support up to 1,000 pounds and fold down to a small form factor.

Furthermore, the price is more than affordable.

The BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate 125 and the Goplus Folding Work Bench 11AA  are the last two as their have issues with the quality control and stability.

I hope you liked my article about Portable Workbenches, if so, please share or comment.

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