The Best Die Grinders for 2024

Best Die Grinders - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

When the models of die grinders are in question, the majority of people would look for a tool that would do well what is expected and would not cost too much.

You do not need a tool that does everything, so it might be difficult to decide which die grinder is right for you when shopping online.

Manufacturers usually make their product descriptions ideal so as to make the sale.

In order not to be fooled, we suggest you read our reviews of some of the best die grinders on the market and become a well-informed buyer.

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Top Rated Die Grinders

Model Rating Buy Now
Makita GD0601 Electric Die GrinderMakita GD0601 Electric Die Grinder
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Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Die-GrinderChicago Pneumatic CP860 Die-Grinder
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Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die-Grinding ToolIngersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die-Grinding Tool
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DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die-GrinderDEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die-Grinder
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Omni High Speed 92820Omni High Speed 92820
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Die Grinders Reviewed

#1. Makita GD0601 Electric Die Grinder

Top Pick
Makita GD0601 Electric Die Grinder
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The best of the best is the Makita GD0601 Electric Die Grinder.

The reason why it is our top pick is that it has one of the best designs and an extremely powerful motor.

You would expect the tool to be heavy with that motor power, but it is a surprisingly light tool.

The debris is put out of the internal chambers using an internal labyrinth construction and a zig-zag varnish that creates a barrier while the tool is on.

Users especially appreciate these features, as they improve the life of the tool.

It can also be used on either AC or DC current.

This is great because you can take the die grinder to the project.

The exhaust vents are designed so that they blow air away from you.

Among all the advantages, there is one downside to this tool.

It is not variable speed, meaning that you will not have the same degree of control you get out of other models.

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  • Powerful
  • AC/DC Switch
  • Sealed
  • Exhaust directed away from user


  • Fixed speed
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#2. Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Die-Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Die-Grinder
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The Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Air boasts a maximum RPM which is a bit lower than the top pick on our list.

This is the only reason why it is not the first choice.

It also has a very powerful motor with adjustable-speed, giving you more control for certain projects.

Another positive side is that it weights two pounds less than the first model, making it an extremely lightweight tool.

Now, some disadvantages.

Firstly, the exhaust vent is oddly-placed, blowing back towards the user.

The air gets pretty hot after you use the grinder for a while, so it is not pleasant when the hot exhaust air is blown back at you.

If this is not a problem for you, you can consider getting it, as the rest of the features on this model are all positive.

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  • Powerful
  • Adjustable speed
  • Light


  • Odd exhaust placement
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#3. Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die-Grinding Tool

Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die-Grinding Tool
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The third position is for the model which is the best for the money option, and when die grinders are concerned it is taken by the Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Griner.

The first thing we notice about this tool is that it is a smaller tool one, meaning it is good if you have small hands or if you need to work in small spaces.

Have in mind that with smaller size comes less power.

This tool is designed for smaller household tasks and it is a good tool to have around the house, but cannot be used for heavy duty projects.

If we have to mention its weaknesses, we have to say that this model is prone to vibrating which causes hand fatigue.

Still, you can get the Ingersoll Rand die grinder at fantastic price and there is no other grinder with this level of quality and power at this price point.

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  • Motor
  • Front exhaust
  • Price


  • Vibration
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#4. DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die-Grinder

DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die-Grinder
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The first positive characteristic of the DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder is that it is the one of the most powerful die grinders on our list.

However, that power requires great build quality which is not the case with this model.

The case is built out of plastic and aluminum parts, which on one hand makes the tool more affordable, but on the other makes the case weaker.

The weaker case means that the tool is going to be more prone to damage, thus affecting the durability of the tool.

Another weakness is that the tool features the air exhaust vents, which can blow hot air back onto you.

Vibration problems are present and users who plan to work with it for a longer period of time would avoid this model.

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  • Powerful


  • Rear air exhaust
  • Aluminum case
  • Vibration
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#5. Omni High Speed 92820

Omni High Speed 92820
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The last one on our list is the Omni High Speed 92820.

This is the tool you should get if you want to get value out of the price.

It is the cheapest models on our list, which comes with downsides.

The manufacturer claims that the tool has a power that is up there with far more expensive models.

However, if you use it for an extended period of time you will notice that the tool would not be that useful.

It also has poor compatibility with many kinds of common bits.

We have to mention that it is an electric model instead of a pneumatic, which is extremely useful when you do not have an air compressor.

But there is still a problem – it does not have the option to switch to DC power.

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  • Price


  • Poor compatibility with bits
  • AC only
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Die Grinders: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Going through our reviews probably have already made you more informed about what you should be looking for in a die grinder.

For those who have not still made a decision, we prepared this buyer’s guide with a lot of addition general information about bit grinders.Die Grinder

Which one is better: electric or pneumatic?

The question always asked is whether the electric model is better than pneumatic, or vice versa.

It is true that this is one of the biggest differences between various models of die grinders, but it cannot be stated which one is better.

They have almost equal power, as it depends on the design and quality of materials of each model, and not on the source.

The same level of mobility is what you can get from either of them, being that the electric models trail a power cable, while the pneumatic ones trail an air hose.

With electric models you will need a power source, and those units which have the ability to switch between AC and DC current are considered better and more useful as they can be used with both generators and batteries.

With pneumatic die grinders, you need have a compressor.

What you need to think about is that your compressor that can provide enough air pressure to keep the tool running.

There is a problem as compressor can stop and you need to wait for your compressor to refill if it is not large enough to stand the project.

For those who do not own a compressor, purchasing an electric die grinder is a better solution.

Is the ease of use significant?

If we speak about differences between different models of die grinders, we have to mention the ease of use.

The number one characteristic is whether the model vents its exhaust and in which direction.

After a long period of use, the exhaust can also be hot, and it can be very unpleasant if the exhaust blow air towards your body.

On the other hand, forward-facing vents could displace oil or shavings on the project that you are working on.

Which one you will get depends only on you.

Some people prefer forward-facing vents even though they can cause a mess and do not mind if the heat blows on them.

The ease of common operations is another characteristic that you should consider when buying a die grinder.

A safety that makes it more difficult to start the tool is something that some users like while other dislike.

This feature is useful if small children can reach your tools.

But, usually, people prefer a simple switch.

The size and weight play important roles when the ease of use is in question.

Heavy models combined with a project which takes time results in great hand fatigue and overall tiredness.

Lighter die grinders will be easier to move, but you can expect less power from them.

Last but not the least is how much each die grinder vibrates as you use it.

The vibration can make long-duration work very unpleasant and tiresome.

I think I got it, what are my options?

The first thing you have to have in mind when choosing a die grinder is to be sure that you get one that is going to get the job done.

The power is important and the majority of tools will have enough of it to get any job done, but some projects require more power and some users want the job to go quicker..

You should also thing about the access to power outlets or an air compressor, depending on what kind of tool you are planning to buy.

If you can use both versions, which one is more convenient for you to use.

There are so many questions to ask yourself prior to purchase one model.

We suggest you do not focus on getting the most expensive or cheapest model, but take a look at requirements you have and find the die grinder that best meets your needs.Die Grinder


In conclusion we can just repeat what is already said.

The best tool you can get is the Makita GD0601 Electric Die Grinder.

You will not regret this purchase as the tool is featuring a great design and more than enough power to get the job done.

The Chicago Pneumatic CP860 Air is the lightest models, with adjustable speed which makes it worth consideration.

The Ingersoll Rand 301B Air Angle Die Grinder is not for industrial use, but it can do well the tasks ar0ound the house.

The DEWALT DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder is powerful, but cheap, meaning that the quality and durability is questionable.

The last one is the Omni High Speed 92820 model with lots of problems.

We hope that our reviews and our buyer’s guide provide you with useful information related to die grinders and that now you are sure that you can make a good choice.

I hope you liked my article about Die Grinders, if so, please share or comment.

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