The Best Mini Metal Lathes for 2024

Best Mini Metal Lathes - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Whichever tool you want to buy, no matter how simple or complex it is, can be very troublesome and looking for the right one is also time consuming.

As the ideal tool is hard to find, considering the fact that there are so many options out on the market, going through different choices, models, and brands requires a lot of effort and time, so we decided to give you a helping hand.

For those interested in buying a mini metal lathe, we have gone through the users’ reviews and gathered a list of the best five models.

That way, you will be able to compare them and, only then, make the right decision.

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Top Rated Mini Metal Lathes

Model Rating Buy Now
Erie Tools SP2102 Benchtop Mini Metal LatheErie Tools SP2102 Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe
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Grizzly G8688Grizzly G8688
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Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Small Metal LatheMophorn B01MCVQ42C Small Metal Lathe
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BestEquip Mini Metal LatheBestEquip Mini Metal Lathe
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Shop Fox M1015 Metal-LatheShop Fox M1015 Metal-Lathe
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Mini Metal Lathes Reviewed

#1. Erie Tools SP2102 Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe

Top Pick
Erie Tools SP2102 Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe
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If we think about mini metal lathes which cost under $1000, the first one that comes into our mind and which has the best reviews is the Erie Tools SP2102.

What makes it so great is its durability, ease of use, and functionality.

The SP2102 is designed to drill, turn and cut metal, wood, and plastic, and this is done with high precision and flexibility.

Some of the users call this tool a “beast” as there is nothing it can’t do, while still remaining durable and strong.

Additional great thing about the SP2102 is its manual.

Once you get the tool, there you can find excellent explanations on how to use this machine.

Even though there are the many ways that you can use it, this tool boasts with precision and finesse and you will be able to take advantage of all the features that are available without much trouble.

Finally, the SP2102 is simply a great model that you will not regret buying.

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  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Functional
  • Top quality features


  •  Complex for beginners
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#2. Grizzly G8688

Grizzly G8688
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The second one on our list of the best mini metal lathes is the Grizzly G8688 Mini.

Grizzly Industrial could not but produce an excellent machine which is rightfully among the best.

It is not such a popular manufacturer, but is definitely recognized for the quality products made from strong and durable materials.

The G8688 Mini has the quality of its pieces making it able to handle any job that you want it to.

It is designed to cut, drill and turn metal, wood, and plastic with ease and precision.

Now, you are wondering why it is not number one.

There is one disadvantage which users found as important – the ease of use.

This mini metal lathe does not feel right when you use it, and it has a difficult setting up.

Easy to use design is what this model lacks.

On the other hand, those who are familiar with mini metal lathes and their usage  may not have trouble using the Grizzly G8688 Mini, even though the design is complicated.

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  • Strong material
  • Durable components
  • Designed to handle everything
  • Cuts, drills, and turns with ease


  • Design
  • Familiarity with metal lathes is required
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#3. Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Small Metal Lathe

Mophorn B01MCVQ42C Small Metal Lathe
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The Mophorn B01MCVQ42C is a tool designed for one the beginners who are entering the field of metal lathes.

The fact that it is super cheap, makes this model pretty attractive.

But, this is not its only advantage.

The Mophorn B01MCVQ42C is a very good, high-quality, mini metal lathe whose longevity and strength is achieved by its excellent components made of quality materials.

On the other hand, the Mophorn B01MCVQ42 has disadvantages, resulting in it being our third choice.

Even though this is a quality mini metal lathe and you can do with it everything that mini metal lathes are used for, the fact is that it does not have a great motor.

Being that it is of poor quality, the machine is ideal while it works, and the result are wonderful, but the motor is fairly unreliable and this is a big problem when it comes to power tools.

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  • Quality materials and components
  • Durability
  • Excellent functionality
  • Price


  • Motor might not work very well
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#4. BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe

BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe
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The BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe works fairly well and it is designed to cut, drill, and turn metal, wood, and plastic with relative ease.

When you hear all this positive things, you might want to get one, but what you should have in mind is that this tool is difficult to use and it is a poorly designed mini metal lathe.

Why we think that this is not an ideal choice is due to the fact that it is made of cheap and flimsy components which make it less durable and numerous issues can happen during the usage of it.

No one wants to buy a product which will destroy his/her work or stop working in the middle of the task after a short period of time.

So, users find durability as one of the most important factors when it comes to any power tool.

Further disadvantage is that the motor stops at certain point, which might be attributed to its poor quality, and you will have to wait a while before it starts functioning again.

Are not all these drawback enough to get the idea that this is not an ideal mini metal lathe?

So, we suggest you to avoid this model, as there is no reason to purchase the BestEquip Mini Metal Lathe as there are much better models available for the same price, but of much better quality.

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  • Fair functionality
  • Cuts, drills, and turns with ease


  • Poor quality of components
  • Low quality motor
  • Durability
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#5. Shop Fox M1015 Metal-Lathe

Shop Fox M1015 Metal-Lathe
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The popularity of Shop Fox is great, but not because they are making quality products, but poor quality ones.

This happened to the M1015.

We cannot say that this power tool is not working, but what users noticed is that it barely works and is not worth the money.

The machine is not reliable, being that the motor stops at certain point of time, without any reason, or maybe due to overheating and then you have to wait for it to start up again.

Besides these bad components, the machine is very hard to use and the design and layout can easily confuse even the most experienced worker.

Some users said that when it works, it works well enough, but we do not want to purchase a tool which will work only sometimes.

For that reason, the Shop Fox M1015 should definitely be avoided.

Besides all these disadvantages, including the low-quality components, design, and the fact that it almost never work, there is one good thing about this product, a silver lining.

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  • Works sometimes


  • Bad quality components
  • Bad design
  • Not easy to use
  • Rarely works
  • Reliability
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Mini Metal Lathes: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As we want to help you find the ideal tool for you, we are offering you a buyers’ guide with the information which can be found useful when you buy a mini metal lathe.

If those two best models that we strongly recommend are not suitable for you, then you should have in mind some additional features which should be considered when purchasing a new mini metal lathe.

Metal Lathe


When the design is in question, there are many questions that people ask.

Some of them are related to its simplicity, functionality, ease of use.

Whichever power tool you determine to buy, these are good questions to ask as a mini metal lathe can be of different designs which sometimes can be confusing even to the most experienced worker.

Those models that are poorly designed will be difficult to use properly.

Furthermore, the poor design is frequently followed by the poor quality of the rest of the tool.

Once you start using it, you get disappointed with its functionality and durability.

Design includes not only the look of the tool, which is not of the essential importance but can be taken as a positive feature, but also a mini metal lathe set up.

If you cannot use the tool effortlessly and it is not designed to handle it with comfort, then the tool is not good enough, especially if you work long hours and it makes you tired.

The comfort of using it is crucial, and this tool has to be handled easily, maneuvered and manipulated with incredible flexibility.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not pay much attention to this feature and do not invest a lot in producing products that are easily controlled and used.

They pay much attention to the fact that the tool consist of good components and perform their function well.

The good mini metal lathe is only the one whose design is simple, functional and easy to use.

Furthermore, the design determines the durability of the tool.

The mini metal lathes which are considered the best are made of good, high-quality components.

Nobody wants to buy a tool whose design is poor and which will not last long.

Bad design is what makes product worthless even thought it might have been good when some other features are in question.

So, when purchasing a mini metal lathe, you should know that design is the most important element.


Besides the design, another feature to be considered is the functionality of the tool.

A power tool has to perform its function in order to be considered a good power tool.

If it does not perform it, it is taken as an even worse characteristic as the product is designed to perform a specific function.

So, make sure to get a mini metal lathe that will solve that problem it is designed for in an adequate and easy way.

Both, design and functionality are two factors which contribute to the quality of the mini metal lathe and if these two are not good enough, the mini metal lathe is not worth buying.

Today, there are many manufacturers who make products with questionable quality and which cannot solve the problem they are designed for.

Now that you know that these two factors are significant, make sure to buy a well-designed and functional mini metal lathe such as the Erie Tools SP2102 as our top pick, and the Grizzly G8688 Mini.

Do not give too much importance to aesthetics, as it is far less important than the design and functionality of the mini metal lathe.


After you have gone through our reviews of mini metal lathes and could compare and contrast the top five models, what we can add is our conclusion that the Erie Tools SP2102 is definitely the best and this tool is worth the money.

Another one that is worth purchasing is the Mophorn B01MCVQ42C – a fantastic mini metal lathe.

The last three models are not as quality ones, and our suggestion is to avoid them.

In order to make the right decision, you have to be well informed and our guide gave you all the necessary information which can be helpful to you.

If you have not made a decision yet, you can do your own research, as there are so many different models and brands available on the market.

I hope you liked my article about Mini Metal Lathes, if so, please share or comment.

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