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Free Training Programs in Miami FL

A high school diploma can only enable you to get poor quality jobs that do not pay well.

If you want a decent, well paying job without a college degree, you should complement your diploma with some professional training like CDL, CNA, HHA and more.

Here is a complete list of free training programs in Miami, FL, you really should check out:

Free CDL Training in Miami

Free CDL Training in Miami

A commercial driver’s license training unlocks a whole world of employment opportunities to those who have successfully completed it.

Many companies in Miami, FL are looking for CDL qualified drivers at any one time.

These companies exist across a diverse range of industries from public transport and trucking to Postal Service and more.

Drivers with a CDL qualification have the highest career prospects than other types of drivers.

The best part is that the city of Florida has many institutions that offer free CDL training programs.

Those who would like to take the course but are cash strapped can take advantage of the following institutions:

  • XPO Logistics, Miami, FL (305) 593 0832.
  • Miami Lakes Educational Center, Miami, FL (305) 557 1100.
  • Metropolitan Community College, Miami, FL (305) 604 1000.

Free CNA Training in Miami

Free CNA Training in Miami

With the Certified Nursing Assistant training, you can be employed in public healthcare facilities to assist nurses with some duties or private homes to help provide care for the sick.

A CNA career can be relatively rewarding with entry-level professionals making between $9.6 and $15 per hour.

Additionally, many CNAs get a sense of fulfillment from knowing that they help save people’s lives just like other healthcare professionals.

That said, the following institutions offer free CNA training in Miami, FL:

  • Miami Lakes Educational Center, Miami, FL 33014 (305) 557 1100.
  • D.A Dorsey Educational Center , Miami, FL 33147 (305) 693-2490.
  • Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center, Miami, FL 33127(305)324-6070.


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Free HHA Training in Miami

Free HHA Training in Miami

Home Health Aides are in a high demand all across America, thanks to the rising cost of receiving healthcare from public health facilities hence many families opting for home-based nursing services.

As a qualified Home Health Aide, you can be sure that the demand for your services will be higher than you can fulfill, which means more cash.

If you would like to take HHA classes, but are broke, you can check out the following institutions that offer free Home Health Aide programs to needy, yet deserving students:

  • Daytona College, Miami, FL (305)386-267-0565.
  • Sheridan Technical Center, Miami, FL (305)754-321-5459.
  • American Health Institute, Miami, FL (305)727-232-0175.

Free Forklift Training in Miami

Free Forklift Training in Miami

Certified forklift operators are a lucky lot when it comes to career prospects.

As a certified forklift operator, you can find employment in a range of companies across different industries from the Postal Service and trucking to manufacturing and more.

In fact, many people get hired even while still undergoing the training, whose requirements are relatively low.

Some institutions that offer paid forklift training have programs that enable needy students to complete the course without paying a single dime.

In Miami, some of these institutions include the following:

  • Forklift Academy Inc, Miami, FL (305) 503 5938.
  • McFatter Technical College, Miami, FL (305) 321 5700.
  • Corporate Forklift Training, Miami, FL (305) 302-6256.

Free IT Training in Miami

Free IT Training in Miami

As an IT professional, you can literally be employed in any organization, whether that would be a commercial entity, religious institution or not for profit organization.

Additionally, you can work remotely, providing your expertise over the internet to any entity around the globe.

One of the biggest advantages of having this computer training is the fact that it is relatively easy to find a job with many people able to get a well paying job within a few weeks to a month after graduating.

What’s more, numerous websites offer free IT programs, including, and

You can check out these if you are looking for free IT training in Miami.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Miami

Free Phlebotomy Training in Miami

It goes without saying that there are many high-paying companies in Miami that are currently looking for locally based phlebotomists.

These companies include, Tenet Healthcare, Miami Cancer Institute, OneBlood, CSL Plasma and Baptist Health South Florida.

If you had a phlebotomy training, you would find employment in one of these well-paying institutions soon enough.

Good news is that you can start your journey to a rewarding phlebotomy career by enrolling in a free phlebotomy training program near you.

There are plenty of these in Miami, including:

  • Florida Vocational Institute, Miami, FL (305) 665 1911.
  • Miami Dade College Medical Campus, Miami, FL (305) 237 4141.
  • Active Health Institute, Miami, FL (305) 648 3293.

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Free Security Training in Miami

Free Security Training in Miami

Finding work with security training is as easy as sending your resume to a couple of organizations near you that have a vacancy for a security professional.

After all, security is one of the most important components of every organization and many companies as well as institutions will allocate a significant portion of their budgets toward this.

The list of places you can be employed with security skills include schools, churches, shopping malls, offices, hotels, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Nonetheless, the journey to become a successful security expert starts with enrolling in a good security training institution near you.

The following institutions offer free security training in Miami:

  • Top Guard Security, Miami, FL (305) 768 8237.
  • Viking Defense Inc, Miami, FL (305) 953 6912.
  • Obey Security Services, Miami, FL (305) 495 1663.

Farmworker Employment Training

Farmworker Employment Training

FCDP focuses on providing career education as well as training services to eligible migrant, seasonal farm workers.

The organization aims to assist participants gain unsubsidized employment besides providing them with emergency stabilization services like food, rent and utility assistance.

Training Courses Include:

  • Childcare
  • Facial specialist
  • Nail specialist
  • Culinary arts
  • Heating and air conditioning repair
  • Early childhood education
  • Medical assistant
  • Class A, B and C CDL.
  • Auto mechanic technician
  • Pharmacy technician
  • CNA
  • CPR & first aid
  • A number of college courses.

Services include:

  • Vocational and academic training
  • Job placement and retention
  • Career assessment, counseling as well as planning
  • Job training
  • Need-based cash allowance and free tuition plus books for farm workers and dependents
  • Educational financial aid
  • Stipends
  • Case management
  • Transportation

Note: Participants must meet all the poverty guidelines set forth by the federal government.

Besides meeting those, they must be:

  • A U.S. citizen/legal resident/have a working permit.
  • Either over 18 years or attending high school(if under 18 years).
  • A farm worker or a wife, husband or dependent child of a farm worker.

Final Thoughts

There are many free training programs in Miami that can put you on the right path towards a successful career.

From CNA and HHA to CDL and Forklift training, to IT and more, the list of good training programs that you can undertake to become a better person in life is pretty much endless.

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