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Free Training Programs in Detroit, MI

Detroit is the largest city in the US state of Michigan.

It also has the highest population, the metropolitan area, Metro Detroit, is estimated to home about 4.3 million people.

As such, the demand for jobs is high and qualifications are necessary to secure one.

In recent times the cost of getting an education has risen since tutors have to be paid and the cost of learning materials is just as high.

It is, however possible to get proper and professional training for free and obtain the necessary skills to get a job.

Free Commercial Driver’s License Training in Detroit

Free Commercial Driver’s License Training in Detroit

If you are thinking of being a truck or bus driver, then you should consider getting a Commercial Driver’s License.

The demand for truck drivers is expected to increase due to the anticipation of an increase in demand for diesel mechanics.

This explains the importance of the trucking industry in Detroit.

The cost of tuition is partially offset by the average scholarship award.

However, some truck training schools may be able to get your education completely paid for.

These training schools help you complete your physical exam and earn your learners permit prior to getting behind the wheel.

Free Certified Nursing Aide Training in Detroit

Free Certified Nursing Aide Training in Detroit

Certified Nursing Aide training programs train students for Michigan’s state-regulated CNA certification exam.

The US Bureau of labor statistics reports that the demand for CNS should grow at a rate of 11% in the next decade.

There are many CNA classes in Detroit that make pursuing a career as a CNA possible even if you can’t afford tuition.

These free CNA training programs range from a few weeks to a few months.

This free program is offered to qualified applicants with the condition of remaining employed with the same nursing home for a period of time.

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CNA Training in Michigan (Paid Classes Info)

Free Home Health Aide Training in Detroit

Free Home Health Aide Training in Detroit

The objective of the home health aide program is to educate students on how to provide quality services to their clients.

Home Health Aide is a highly sought after the program and thus the free training classes fill so fast.

To become a certified Home Health Aide one must complete 75 hours of state-regulated training and pass a comprehensive home health exam.

On average, home health aides earn about $21,820 a year or $10.49 an hour.

Free Forklift Training in Detroit

Free Forklift Training in Detroit

This course covers the effective, safe and efficient use of powered industrial trucks and forklifts.

This training tends to be comprehensive and will include many subjects.

Students will learn operating skills, current government legislation, and safety knowledge.

Typically, the course takes about 5 days, covering all the topics necessary to become a certified forklift operator.

On average forklift drivers earn $15 per hour but varies with the experience and location.

With this training, a driver’s license is not necessary to get a job.

Free Drivers Training in Detroit

Free Drivers Training in Detroit

Drivers training includes both classroom instructions and practical instructions where the student will learn basic driving techniques, defensive driving, and basic road rules.

There are 2 segments in driving training for Detroit.

To begin driver’s education, you must be at least 14 years and 8 months.

You can choose to study by individual topics, do a DMV permit test simulation and/or challenge yourself to the ultimate DMV marathon test depending on your study style.

Oakland mall offers free training, courtesy of CBS Detroit.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Detroit

Free Phlebotomy Training in Detroit

The employment rate of phlebotomists is projected to grow by 25% in the next decade, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Some schools offer the theory part of phlebotomy online and practical in association with hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Phlebotomists earn an average of $32710 annually or $15.72 per hour.

Read more and find phlebotomy programs in Michigan here.

Free Security Training in Detroit

Free Security Training in Detroit

This is a training program for young adults.

There are a few options to make it career minded but it is up to the individual to show that they are open to these options.

In Michigan, one must be at least 18 years of age to join the training.

Education levels for a job vary, but most employers accept workers who hold the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Applicants must have a clean criminal record and have their finger prints collected.

Other requirements include on the job training and state mandated training.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Workforce development is an economic development initiative that helps workers acquire knowledge and relevant skills for an improved working environment.

In other words, workforce development is a set of processes that govern the identification, recruitment, assessment, and training of job seekers into employment as well as the maintenance and advancement of these persons in their careers.

Given the complexity of what workforce development entails, a systems approach is illustrated to ensure that the broader goal of human capital investment is met.

The unemployment rate in Detroit is very high compared to other cities of the same caliber.

To solve this situation, the city has advanced a number of programs and initiatives.

They include:

  • Detroit at work – a platform that helps jobseekers learn about training and job available in the city.
  • Snap – a program that gives food assistance and matches 50% for the cost of skills and occupational training.
  • Career and Technical Education – a partnership between the city of Detroit and Detroit public schools for youth and adults.
  • Health care training program – a program that invests in employer led training programs.
  • Grow Detroit’s Young Talent – a citywide summer jobs program to train and employ young adults between the ages of 14 and 24 each summer.

Returning citizens, work centers on helping returning citizens and those with criminal records connect with training and job opportunities to reduce systematic barriers, support in prison training, align community resources and develop job opportunities.


Getting a job anywhere requires certain qualifications, and training qualifications are the most vital of them all.

The cost of getting the required education may be high.

However, there are opportunities for free training where you can get professional skills.

Good luck!

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