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Free Training Programs in Buffalo NY

A high school diploma or its equivalent is not enough to secure a decent job.

If you cannot afford to go to college or university, you should, at least, complement your diploma with a professional course.

That said, if you are looking for a free professional training program that will put you in the right path towards a successful career in Buffalo, NY, the following information will point you in the right direction.

Free CDL Training in Buffalo

Free CDL Training in Buffalo

CDL is the most recognized training for commercial drivers.

The demand for commercial drivers, especially those that specialize in trucks has never been as high as it is now.

With a CDL certification and license, you will have more job offers than you could ever imagine.

Yet the training can be so expensive that many aspiring commercial drivers cannot afford it.

Good news is some organizations offer it free of charge in Buffalo, NY, including Roehl Transport, which even pays you as you train to become a commercial truck driver.

Free CNA Training in Buffalo

Free CNA Training in Buffalo

The CAN training prepares you to become a certified nursing assistant, who works under the supervision of nurses to provide quality care to patients.

With a CNA certification, many healthcare organizations in Buffalo, NY would want to hire you, thanks to the high demand for trained nursing assistants in the city.

While the training normally costs tens of thousands of dollars, some organizations offer it to deserving students free of charge.

These include the Schofield Nursing Facility, Harvest House, Mcguire Career Center, and University of Buffalo.


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Free HHA Training in Buffalo

Free HHA Training in Buffalo

An HHA certification enables you to practice as a professional home health aide whose main responsibility is offering assistance and personal care to home based patients.

Besides monitoring the patient’s condition and calling in medical assistance if need be, the professional may also help with physical activity, light household duties like cleaning and meal preparation.

Home health aide is one of the most in-demand careers in the medical field, with many households in Buffalo, NY, seeking the services of one now more than before.

This is because people are starting to realize the cost-saving benefit of hiring a home health aide over taking a patient to a nursing home.

Be sure to check out the Catholic Health if you are looking for a free HHA training program in Buffalo, NY.

This Christian based organization offers a free HHA training program with minimal entry qualifications to the deserving students who reside in the city.

Free Forklift Training in Buffalo

Free Forklift Training in Buffalo

With a certification in forklift operation, the list of companies you would be eligible to work for is pretty much endless.

From port and cargo handling facilities, to manufacturing plants and commodity transportation entities, you would be employable across a diverse range of industries.

Dobmeier Lift Trucks & LPM Parts of Buffalo, OSHA Forklifts and Buffalo CDL Driver institutes are some of the best institutions that offer free forklift training programs in Buffalo.

It is important to note that most of these institutions thoroughly screen applicants before making a determination to offer scholarship.

Free IT Training in Buffalo

Free IT Training in Buffalo

According to statistics, at least 80% of businesses in Buffalo, NY, regardless of size, have at least a single computer.

Nonetheless, the majority of medium and large-scale enterprises have a whole IT department set up to complement their operations.

With an information technology training, you will be eligible to work as an IT expert in an industry that is chock full of employment opportunities.

The best part is you can complete an IT course online and earn a certification that allows you to find work.

Check, and for free online courses in Information Technology.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Buffalo

Free Phlebotomy Training in Buffalo

Phlebotomy training is a through-way to a successful career in phlebotomy.

As a trained Phlebotomist, you will be responsible for drawing blood from patients for testing, transfusion, or research purposes.

Honestly, I do not think there is any standard hospital in Buffalo, NY without a blood test unit.

That means with phlebotomy skills, you can work in any of the 17 hospitals in the city.

Several institutions that offer free phlebotomy training in Buffalo (more info about that).

One of them is Trocaire College in conjunction with the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology.

Free Security Training in Buffalo

Free Security Training in Buffalo

With professional security training, you can work as a security guard, VIP bodyguard, nightclub bouncer, etc.

Completing this course would unlock a world of opportunities for you.

But that’s not all, you will be compensated well for your valuable guarding and protection skills.

Some of the schools in Buffalo you can check out for free security training programs include, Don’s Security, Security Weapons & Training Institute as well as PBS Consultants Inc.

Also, do not forget to check out Amherst Investigations, which is one of the best training institutions for security experts in the city.

Work Force Buffalo

Work Force Buffalo

Workforce Buffalo is a commercial entity that offers a diverse range of career services.

This organization serves local business and qualified job seekers by linking both parties to each other.

Beside, connecting employers to people who are hunting for jobs; Workforce Buffalo provides a wide variety of training as well as community support services with a commitment to change the face of workforce development in Buffalo.

Nevertheless, we have partnered with employers and job seekers to develop as well as implement an innovative, multi-service approach.

Our website simplifies the process of navigating the complex system of workforce development in Buffalo and the entire Erie County.

Subsequently, you can learn about our programs as well as services with a click of your mouse.

In line with our mission, which is to make it painless for job seekers to find meaningful employment and employers to find qualified staff, we have opened several one-stop career Service centers across the county.

Conveniently located, these centers enable our clients to access training & employment services not to mention network partners at a single physical location.

It is time to say goodbye to visiting multiple locations just to obtain business or career assistance.

Simply click here to find a one-stop career center near you.

Remember that our centers are open to anybody looking for work and services are free!

Final Thoughts

A post high school professional training is the alternative gateway to a rewarding job if you cannot afford college.

Take advantage of any free training program above to unlock a world of rewarding career opportunities.

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Good luck!

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