Free Training Programs in Austin, TX to Help You Get a Job (Quickly)


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Free Training Programs in Austin, TX

How can one person without a college degree get a better paying job?

There are free training programs that you can attend.

After finishing the training some will require from you to pass a test to receive a certificate.

But there are some courses that you don’t need to take an exam and the certificate will be given to you right after the training.

Never the less, these programs are designed for everyone who wants to get a better job without spending many years studying and spending money.

Free CDL Training in Austin, TX

Commercial Driving License is just what you need if you enjoy driving.


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Everyone should work what they love, and if you love driving then the Free CDL Training Program is just for you.

Free CDL Training in Austin, TX

The courses last just a few weeks, but the best part is that each student has one instructor.

The training will be held in class plus you will get practical training on real roads.

With the help of this training, you will be able to pass the exam with ease.

Once you pass it you will get your Commercial Driving License.

With it, you will get many job opportunities because you will be able to drive a shuttle, bus or a truck.

Free CNA Training in Austin, TV

Take your first step in a medical career with a Free CNA training program.

There are many people who choose to take the CNA training program before they start higher education.

Free CNA Training in Austin, TV

This is a good thing because there are many important things, basic things that you learn with the courses.

However, being a nurse assistant is just the beginning and with this position, you will have the responsibilities like:

  1. Answering calls
  2. Measuring the liquid and food intakes and feeding patients
  3. Bed linens and cleaning rooms
  4. Dressing wounds
  5. Taking blood pressure, temperature, etc.
  6. And more

After the 2-year training and after you pass the exam, you can start applying for a CNA position.

This job is very noble and at the same time well paid.

CNA Training in Texas (Free & Paid Classes Info).

Free HHA Training in Austin, TX

HHA or Home Health Aide is something similar to Nurse assistance but the training is shorter and easier.

You don’t even need some specific education requirements, just to have a high-school diploma.

Free HHA Training in Austin, TX

Besides, you will be surprised to see that the jobs in this area are becoming one of the most wanted and people with HHA certificate are always in need.

As a Home Health Aide, you will usually work in a patient’s home and/or in residential facilities.

You will be delivering health care to mostly elderly people, people who have very bad health but don’t have someone to take care of them.

Free Forklift Training in Austin, TX

While many people already know how to drive and use a forklift they just can’t land a job.

Companies and businesses require you to have the proper training and a certificate to back it up.

Free Forklift Training in Austin, TX

With the Free Forklift Training, you will get the training and the certificate.

After that, you can freely start applying for forklift jobs.

You don’t need to worry about finding a job because almost very market, factory, etc. are looking constantly for certified workers who know how to use a forklift.

Free Computer Training in Austin, TX

It is never too late to learn a new skill, especially when it comes to computers.

Today life is a lot easier if you know how to use the computer and at least the basic programs like Word, Excel, Internet, etc.

Free Computer Training in Austin, TX

But it is not just about everyday life.

You will be asked about your computer skills no matter the job you are applying for.

When the employee sees that you don’t have this skill your CV won’t be considered.

So don’t risk it, get a better job, and get higher payments just by enrolling in a Free Computer Training in Austin, TX.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Austin, TX

To be a phlebotomist it doesn’t mean that you will just take blood samples, or draw blood for transfusions.

Free Phlebotomy Training in Austin, TX

As a Phlebotomist some of your responsibilities will be:

  1. To label the samples
  2. Transport samples
  3. Patient identification
  4. Draw blood for samples, or transfusion

It is a very well paid job that doesn’t require a college degree and one that will change your life for the better.

Click here to see more info about phlebotomy training in Texas.

Free Security Guard Training in Austin, TX

A security guard is a very responsible job.

You will have many responsibilities, but the main thing will be to guard the building you have been assigned to.

Free Security Guard Training in Austin, TX

But this job is not for those who don’t like handing weapons.

You will need to attend the course that will teach you how to handle lethal and non-lethal weapons.

Also, you will be working on your communications skills.

It is a very important part of the training because you will be the one who will answer the questions people have.

The Free Security Training program is what you need to get ready for a security guard.

Also after finishing the job you will be awarded a certificate, which you need to apply for a job.

Free Welder Training in Austin, TX

If you have been always good with your hands and you can create beautiful things then the Free Welder Training Program is for you.

Free Welder Training in Austin, TX

There are many different job opportunities you can go for once you have the certificate.

Some of the opportunities are:

  1. Sheet Metal Welder
  2. Assembler
  3. Fabricator
  4. Jeweler
  5. Boilermaker

This program lasts about 8 months.

But after the training, you will have the knowledge to start making the perfect masterpiece and to start applying for welding jobs.

Read more: Welding training in Texas.

Free CPR training in Austin, TX

Stop right now and think.

What is the skill that everyone should know?

Free CPR training in Austin, TX

One that can save a life?

The answer is CPR.

There are many jobs that consider this a very important skill and so they made it mandatory.

If your job requires you to know this skill or maybe you just want to learn in for yourself enroll in the program today.

Even if you want to work as an EMT, nurse assistance, nanny, etc. you need to have this skill.

Free EMT Training in Austin, TX

Almost every hospital in the city is looking for certified EMTs.

This means you will be able to land a very good job without worrying about being refused.

Free EMT Training in Austin, TX

The training course lasts for 2 years.

In those two years, you will study chemistry, biology and many other important things that one person to be part of the EMT.

Here are the requirements in order to enroll in the program:

  1. CPR training
  2. High school diploma,
  3. Criminal record clean
  4. and willingness to work under stress and to react fast in given situations

Read the full guide:

How to Become an EMT/Paramedic: The Definitive Guide.

Free CNC Training in Austin, TX

The free CNC Training Program is an essential part if you want to work with computer numbers and to take control of the machines.

Free CNC Training in Austin, TX

With the CNC training and the certificate you will be able to work:

  1. Machinery Malfunctioning
  2. Medical equipment and supplies
  3. Manufacturing
  4. And more

Now prepare your high-school diploma and start the training. After the training is over, you can start applying for a new job.

You will be surprised how fast you will get hired, and all thanks to the certificate you obtained via the free training.

Free Dental Assistance in Austin, TX

If you want to work as Dental Assistance you will need to enroll in the free program.

After that, you will receive a certificate and you can start searching for a job that suits you the most.

Free Dental Assistance in Austin, TX

As Dental Assistance you will be responsible with:

  1. Explaining dental hygiene to patients
  2. Schedule the appointments
  3. Clean the dentist’s instruments
  4. Help the dentist during procedures
  5. And more

But you don’t need to just always be dentist assistance.

You can also get better and reach higher positions.


Free Training Programs are becoming one of the most wanted among people.

After all, after getting a new skill and a certificate to prove that you will see new and better opportunities.

Don’t spend time thinking about this.

Stop wasting time and money and choose a course that you like.

You will soon start to get a better paycheck and you will get even a new job that you have always dreamt about.

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