Types Of Vocational Training

Vocational training is part of a tertiary training that puts full emphasis on skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or trade. It covers a wide range of careers and industries like technology, office work, retail and hospitality. Therefore, here are the types of vocational training commonly offered today.

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Types Of Vocational Training

Trade Schools

This is a school that provides education in skilled trades such as plumbing, car repair and construction. It provides approximately 3 years of classroom work accompanied by workshop instructions before you seek any job from a potential employer. After completing this training, you will obtain a license to freely practice the trade.

Administration Schools

This is a program that is intended to equip and prepare students for such careers as; administrative assistance, medical assistants, office clerks or legal assistants. This program takes one to two years for you to complete.

Aesthetic Schools

This is a program that offers creative vocations. It offers programs such as interior decorations, cosmetology and hair styling. It is a training that takes two to three years of study and does not usually requires any apprenticeship after you complete your degree.

Adult Education

It is also known as continuing education. It’s a form of vocational training for those adults that’re already employed. Many employed people choose to undergo this training due to such reasons as to be considered for promotion or for career development. Often, the employers choose to pay for their employees to undergo such a training so as to keep them motivated and remain competitive in the market.


This is a form of training for people with the need to get hands-on training from the ultimate source. It is a vocational training that is intended to give you the desired experience in your field of study hence helps you acquire a position in an industry of your desire.

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